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Bluewater meet every month

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Blimey, mine will be cleaned at least twice before then......and I probably won't drive it........I have a problem. :(


Put the cover back over mine once I had cleaned it otherwise I would be out every night re-cleaning ;). If the weather carries on like this I will be bringing the celica :( as dont like getting the supra dirty .... i am def the one with the problem :help:

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Ha ha cheers Chris!! Wasn't really a worry anyway matey where i took it. :eyebrows:


Just waiting on my tax disc now. Hopefully turned up this morning or will do tommorow. It better not rain tommorow as is predicted.


jim should have brought it too me, i would have passed it with flying colours :)
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sweet mate thats good news, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh bloody interior. sorry


Still?!? Sorry that is not an excuse, get a garden chair in then pin it down to the floor and we will see you there. No need to thank me buddy :D

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