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  1. Sorry Burna I meant to pay the remainder this weekend but completely forgot - just been on and paid now - cant wait to catch up with you all T
  2. I am in - loved it last year and bringing my daughter Gina this time - just booked 2 doubles with breakfast, can't wait
  3. Was so good seeing you guys again - been to long but now starting to seriously miss the supra
  4. I'm in - no supra thou but new car is a toyota - be good to see you all again - been too long
  5. I second that, big thank you to branners and Scott for organising and for f&f 6 for showing us sex on legs at the end - what a teaser roll on number 7
  6. Sorry John I just like to wind Scott up
  7. At junction 11 on m20 there is a service place that is a shell petrol T
  8. So where we all eating? Ps I'm back out if hibernation with the yellow peril
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