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  1. Que lol stupid predictive text... I did mean cue lol
  2. Hi guys, looking at getting a newer pool que as I'm playing a lot more little pub tournaments lately and enjoying playing again. I have a old Riley which my dad gave to me after he gave up but I would like something decent of my own now. Any recommendations is much appreciated, prob go to about £150 as I'm not exactly a pro but fancy a nice que.
  3. Gold engine next. You know where I am lol
  4. Where from buddy? - - - Updated - - - What's the going rates for mint glass uk specs and very good jspec lights
  5. Just searching around for best prices on facelift lights? Might sell my mint uk glass ones and good condition jspec lights to treat myself lol. Who have people used?
  6. very shiney. looking forward to seeing it going back
  7. Gold plated the little shield to sit on top of my custom pulley cover. you can watch me gold plating it if your interested by going to my facebook page- rm polishing & gold plating. started to look sweeeeeet now.. coming together nicely
  8. I ain't got a set time for it to be done. It's done when it's done. I'm enjoying this build and doing things differently.
  9. not updated for a while. here are some parts i have recently done for my build. 6" turbo intake pipe 24k gold plated, this thing is a monster and will definately suck a child up if they get too close lol. I also thought up a cool idea with my fire extinguisher and made it look like a replica bottle of armand de brignac lol,just a cool detail for inside the car when its all back together. loads more ideas in my head so stay tuned.
  10. Hey guys please take 5mins out and share my works video. A lot of work has gone into this from myself, Kaan and not forgetting Mike who has created a great video. Please help support us and the other company's helping like SRD. https://www.facebook.com/rmpolishingandgoldplating/videos/1816190631934107/
  11. Everyone has different tastes. im not a huge fan of kitted supras 'no more' but if Glenn likes it then it's his decision.
  12. Bringing back the old skool veilside. Lee and Glenn Srd tag team lol
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