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Rob W's Supra - Project Thread * Pic Heavy *

Rob W

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I thought I'd finally spend some time to do a project thread on the works I've been carrying out on the car for the last 6 odd months! I wish I would of started it sooner as it may be a bit here and there but bare with me :)


Bit of history on my background, we have had these in the family for about 20 odd years now starting with our 93 Uk Spec Black TT Auto then 99 VVTI RSP Single PT6266 6-speed Manual & mine the 95 Jap Spec 199 silver TT Auto. I've always loved them from when I was about 8 when my parents bought their 1st Supra, our UK spec and back then there was hardly any around.


All the jobs I have done over the last 6+ months I must admit have nearly pushed me to totally lose the love for the car but as its slowly near being done the love is coming back. I totally understand why people take their cars to someone like SRD as when your doing it yourself and waiting on parts, people or being let down by companies it really does kill the enthusiasm.


Anyway I shall start


Had my Volks refurbed by a local company to my brother as I wasn't happy with the last company that refurbed them. I was told they could not machine the inside area as one of the wheels were slightly bent which in the end was total rubbish.


Collected and put them back together and was really pleased how they turned out, quality job.







Over the past few years I thought my Uk spec brakes were not as good as I remembered so I got in contact with Chris Wilson for a set of his stainless steel pistons, pins and seal kit. What a PITA job that was! When trying to pump the pistons out so it would be easier for me when they are off the car I could tell why I was not impressed with how they has been performing.


Quite a few of the pistons hardly moved and one in the rear caliper did not move at all. Anyway I took them apart, thoroughly cleaned, painted and back together. The difference of the braking power now is such an improvement, was surprised how much better they are now.










I changed over all my suspension arms upper/lowers front and rear about a year ago IIRC with all Toyota OEM arms which totally transformed how it drove on the road, plus I've heard a lot of the arms are discontinued now so I'm glad I done it when I did. Also changed the front crank pulley to the Fluidampr as mine started to separate. With these done, I was not happy with the new Tein Mono Sports I purchased as the rears started knocking about 1000 miles in!
















So thanks to Chris Wilson again I purchased a set of Bilstein B6's with extra groves machined in so I could get my desired ride height I was looking for with my Eibach lowering springs.


With these I bought new Toyota OEM top mounts and drop links as I thought as I was doing it all I might aswell.









Next on the list was re-fitting the OEM Premium Stereo system back in, since I got rid of the stock amp I was not happy with how it sounded. I managed to source the stock sub and subwoofer to go with the GZ rear speaker pods I already bought ages ago.


Whilst I had all the interior out I done abit more sound deadening, tidied up all the cables, run my rear parking camera wires and made sure nothing would be rattling around when all back together.




Also changed my auto gear shifter bushes as mine had a bit of a wobble going on side to side. Took all of 15 minutes and solid now with no play. Picture shows the new (left) and the old (right) which doesn't look that much wear but clearly enough to allow play in the shifter.





Well this is when it got a bit silly. I wanted to get my front bumper and rear UK spec bumper re-sprayed but when I was going through the other little bits on the cars bodywork with the bodyshop and because I'm fussy when it comes to the car I ended up going for a full repaint windows out :blink:


It's my fault TBH, I had the car resprayed about 6 years ago but didn't get the windows taken out so was never happy with the finish around the windows. Shame as the paintwork was good but that's what happens when you do things half hearted!



So another order Into Steve Manley at Toyota for a load of parts:


New OEM Facelift Front Bumper

New OEM Facelift Front Indicators

New OEM Facelift Rear Lights

New OEM Front and Rear window seals

New OEM Rear bumper Lower bar to tank

New OEM Drivers Front seat belt

New OEM Side pod clips - All

New OEM Front bumper clips and fixings


Plus Zun-sport black grill set

SRD Front bumper undertray

US Style Front bumper side indicators







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So I stripped the car down ready for the bodyshop, it was a way of trying to keep the cost down and at least I know nothing would go missing or if anything snapped or broke I'd know about it. Luckily the interior was already stripped from re-installing the OEM sound system so it was mainly the exterior parts.



The car was at the bodyshop for a lot longer then originally said but I suppose that's most bodyshops, it came out lovely in the end so that's all that matters. They cleaned up the rear quarter windows for me whilst they were out also done the bonnet and boot shuts in the stock greyish colour as I wanted it looking stock.


I was actually there when they were spraying it in the booth, the old boy who was doing it done a great job :)











New front windscreen fitted as mine was looking its age! New OEM seal used front and rear.

















When I got it back home I started on the rear end first and getting it watertight! Mirrors, weatherstrips, washer jets and door handles went on.


Done a little clean up, took off the rear crash bar and petrol tank then repainted. The tank cover wasn't too bad, took any rust off with a wire wheel head and used the POR-15 on it, then etched primed & top coat.





Installed a reversing camera to link up to my AppRadio, placed it in between the rear number plate lights as been done by other members on here. Perfect location and works spot on, nice little touch which was only a small task.


Fitted my new OEM facelift lights with bottom bumper bar as well, bought some new screw clip jobbies as well for the top of the bumper. I couldn't find the rear spoiler bolts so had to leave it off at this point but was nearly all there.






That's not 2 chips in the paint on the right hand side of the bumper, when I looked at the picture myself after taking it I quickly checked myself :D


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Hi, I've the same wheels and was thinking about doing the same even a colour change. How much roughly did that company charge for 4? They look the dogs balls now. Thanks j




I split and reassembled them myself so he charged a bit less. IIRC it was around £400 mate, very reasonable I thought.


That's for totally stripping the paint off, re-priming/painting, machining and polishing the outer lips.

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Wow mate! Proper job :) looks brilliant so far, will be a brand new car! About to you got down to Bluewater again to show her off :D


Cheers mate! Haha, it's still not working yet mate, when its all done I'll bring it down I'm sure :)


Looking good dude! Keeping an eye on this one.


Thanks buddy :thumbs:

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I split and reassembled them myself so he charged a bit less. IIRC it was around £400 mate, very reasonable I thought.


That's for totally stripping the paint off, re-priming/painting, machining and polishing the outer lips.

Ok mate thanks, are they handy enough to break down? Would change the bolts at the same time.



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Next on the list before putting the side pods and lower trims on was sorting out the seals and doing the wheel arches etc.


Unfortunately the seals had been bent up by knob heads by tyre fitters etc, and bent up proper. I straightened them out and took them back to metal the best I could getting off as much surface rust as possible.


I did some stages on these which took the time, letting each coat have time to cure properly.


Rust Converter

Etch Primer


Stone Chip


















On areas like the arches I just gave them a clean with degreaser and applied underseal. Very time consuming job and one I don't want to do again anytime soon so I hope it lasts.














Tided up the rear plastic stone guard and put the rear hockey sticks back on again as I took them off whilst doing the undersealing.






As I'm putting on a facelift front bumper I wanted to wire in the front side indicators properly as I never liked having the pre-facelift indicator sitting behind the wing doing nothing. As I had the front arch liners out it was perfect timing to sort that out.


If you take off the plastic loom cover in the arch you can pull back the wiring on the passenger side without having to cut the loom to the front. On the drivers side you have to lengthen just the white & black (neg) cable and another job done :)






So after all this I put the side pods, lower plastics and front hockey sticks back on thinking bumper etc back on pretty much there job done.......oh no!


When I took my intercooler off as I wanted to tidy that up, what I had been thinking for awhile came the truth. I had a fair bit of oil in the pipes, more then just a mist which I know has got worse over the years. I know the engine is sound, leakdown test awhile back and compression was around 180 across all cylinders so as I thought the turbo seals were on the way out. Seeing I had bought a set of very low mileage VVTI turbos about a year ago....well you can see where this is going!


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Great start look forward to more updates. Lovely paint job




Thanks mate!


Very nice mate !


I'm guessing there not the original bolts holding the centres of the wheels in as my girlfriends GTC has allan key bolts


Where did you get them ? hers have started to rust and was thinking of replacing them


Yes they have been replaced, I'm not sure what type they are as Ibrar was the one that changed them the last time I had them done mate. I think it was around £80 just for the bolts.


Ok mate thanks, are they handy enough to break down? Would change the bolts at the same time.




Easy just take your time. Yes definitely, the ones that I have changed to look a lot nicer IMO. Plus the original's will be quite old now I would of thought.

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Thanks mate!




Yes they have been replaced, I'm not sure what type they are as Ibrar was the one that changed them the last time I had them done mate. I think it was around £80 just for the bolts.




Easy just take your time. Yes definitely, the ones that I have changed to look a lot nicer IMO. Plus the original's will be quite old now I would of thought.

Ok cheers, car looking well. I better get my act together now with mine lol



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Between Steve Manley Toyota, Whifbitz and TCB parts I ordered the following for the jobs ahead:


New Toyota OEM Turbo gasket Kit

New Toyota OEM Water pump

New Toyota OEM Manifold gaskets

New Toyota OEM Manifold nuts

New Toyota OEM Feed and return fuel washers/O Rings

New Toyota OEM Inlet gasket

New Toyota OEM Lower runner gasket

New Toyota OEM Throttle body gasket

New Toyota OEM Throttle body decal

New Toyota OEM Lower rad hose

New Toyota OEM Thermostat

New Toyota OEM Water elbow gasket

New Toyota OEM Cam cover gaskets

New Toyota OEM Cam cover washers

New Toyota OEM FPR O ring

New Toyota OEM PCV valve

New Toyota OEM Cam seals


Whifbitz Heater hoses

K&N oil filter



Whilst waiting for the parts I decided to crack on with taking everything apart. Surprising not too bad, had a few moments where I was tempted to pour petrol over and burn it but I got over them with a 5-10 minute fag break and a coffee :)


This is how it looked before after I took off the intercooler parts.





Then it was off with air box, rad, turbo pipework and turbo's.







I thought I might as well sort out the bay whilst everything that side was off, so degreased, scotchbrite, degreased again, etch primed then paint. I'm not going for a show car engine bay at all, just don't want it looking like a turd under the bonnet!







Cam covers off for the new seals and washers, cleaned up the faces before I re-fitted the cam covers. New spark plugs fitted as well as I was there.





Painted up all the spare set of parts I will be changing over ready, took awhile cleaning them all up one thing I hate doing most but the patience was worth it.






New water pump fitted and cam covers going back on, I replaced all the vacuum hoses etc as getting to some you can only do with everything off. I don't want to be doing this again anytime soon!








Turbo's back on with all new gaskets, this was a pain putting them on with still making sure the manifold fire rings and oil feed & return line gaskets don't fall off! The rest was pretty simple, just making sure everything was set correct putting the belt back on. I changed over the cam seals as I was getting a wheep out of the inlet camshaft. My brother made up a locking tool for my front crank pulley which worked a treat!









Inlet side all back together with new vacuum lines as before, front end done, all cables and connectors cleaned as well.










Sprayed up the other side of the bay same method as before.




I was going to get the Traction Control delete kit for the TB but could not get it, so I sprayed up my original TB and put that back on.








This is how it is sitting currently! Just waiting for my intercooler pipework to come back from the fabricators.




I've probably forgot other bits I have done on the way but you get the gist of it :D


Will update when I get the pipework back and do a bit more. Thanks for reading :thumbs:


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How hard was it to pull the seals back straight mate? What did you use to do it?


Not hard mate, just time consuming.


Used an adjustable spanner bit by bit, then a block of wood on one side tapping with a plastic hammer on the other to try and flatten as much as possible.

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Lovely work Rob. Car looks really nice having had such attention.


Great work mate. Nice to see another one being brought back to life with such attention to detail and graft. Looking really good.


Finally a new build on this place.

Epic job mate you brought her back to life! Looks impeccable




Appreciate the comments guys thank you!

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Small update.


As I'm still waiting for my intercooler pipework to come back from being welded up I thought I'd crack on with the horrible task of stripping the rubber coating off my spare dash panels.


I have loads of dash peices so had a sort through and put together a set which has everything and no broken tabs then got to work. I used bleach at first as it was recommend on here I saw, but that wasn't working for me so moved on to brake cleaner. Horrible job, was very pleased when it was over!




Rubbed back and primed them, leaving over night to go hard as I know it's best to give it some time. Flatted back the primer today, even tho to be fair the Plasti-kote paint I used went on so well.






Then top coat went on using Matt Black Plasti-kote which I'm so happy I went with now, looks so nice and the finish comes out great.







Then put my AC bits on aswell as all new OEM buttons ready to attach it to the dash panel, thanks to Heckler from doing my LED's :thumbs:





All back together :)






I also managed to have time to finally put my Metal Monkey dials on, great service from them as always! When the cars back running I can sort out the poisoning of the needles.




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