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  1. Awesome effort! I guess I will need this in near future...
  2. Hi, I wanted to make engine bay pops and looks as new again, so I started with restoration of plastic and tubes/hoses. Trim dressing from Auto Finesse was used after thorough cleaning of all parts. I am very happy with the results. Lets see how long it will work. What kind of chemicals do you use for plastic revival?
  3. It looks fine to me. Just buy new retainers and bolts to get rid of rust and you are good to go.
  4. Hi, could you re-upload the pics again? I cannot see them now.
  5. Hi, does it fit to jspec auto with tiptronic?
  6. Very clean indeed! Could you provide any info about BBS´s setup? Also pcs from below of the car would nice
  7. Hey, good color I am still thinking about changing to TRD skirts and spats. BUT I change my mind everyday I guess It is better to keep it OEM...
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