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Gauging interest in a meet. PLAN PAGE 3


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Hi All


Was hoping to try and arrange a little larger meet sometime in January.

Thinking a little further up than normal to try encourage more people to attend, say Basingstoke area for now? Maybe the 4th or 25th of January? All just ideas for now.


Just currently trying to get some interest , but if we could get enough people I'm happy to try approach someone on maybe a nice undercover venue and a cheap group deal on meals etc?

Feel free to fire ideas my way.


OK Guys The Date is for the 4th now, trying to finalise arrangements but going to need more people.



OK guys despite having no word on any discount on a menu, I think we should just go for it and meet here at just pay normal menu prices.




Time- 7:00PM Meet in car park

Eat- 7:30PM

Date- 4Th January

Location- 'Spruce Goose' Basingstoke


If I can get numbers confirmed ASAP I will book us a table, if not it will be a free for all.


'Page 3'

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Ok guys I have just spoken to the GM of a pub with a large open car park, about sectioning an area of the car park off for us, along with setting up a reduced set-menu. This will be for the 4th of January, for around 20 vechiles and 40ish people, so we will need more people to come along. So keep them rolling in and please add yourself to the list.


Current list

1. Ripped_fear (Jake)

2. Justin Bieber

3. Ben SZ-R

4. steve.m

5. Fitz

6. Parry_10

7. tt paul

8. james_cbr

9. Soopra (subject to final date and time)

10. GreaseMonkey

11. Bigsupes

12. Sabrina

13. Budz86

14. MattDavies


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