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Gauging interest in a meet. PLAN PAGE 3


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Sorry guys, going to have to pull out. Just got off the phone to the mother and was reminded about my cousin coming over to hers for an extended Xmas meal/together this sat. Effin Skint Eastwood until payday, as well. :(


Next month is looking good if peeps fancy another meet. :thumbs:

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Sorry, awkward time of the day, he's a tricky little one, even if we did get a babysitter he wouldn't bloody go to bed for any one else anyway :( Hopefully there will be another meet soon during the day!


no worries :) I did wonder if you'd come when they said it was an evening meet...


I'm sure we'll catch up soon.

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1. Ripped_fear

2. james_cbr

3. Axl +1

4. Big Supes

5. Sabrina

6. Soopra +1

7. GreaseMonkey


I'm now a plus 1 twelve year old child has now decided that he would rather go see his girlfriend than spend time with supras and supra people youth of today what's wrong with them??? :D

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