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  1. I have some kahns but they are 7" and need refurb. Pm me if interested
  2. Looking to be leaving a little later now as my car won't be ready to pick up until 12 so hopefully 12.30/1
  3. We will take m3, m25, a1. Will check with Adam a definite time and let you know
  4. We should be leaving around lunchtime if you want to join us
  5. I definitely am bringing my car , I can park right next to you if you like
  6. Do you know what area we are in as I couldn't see the club stand on the Jae website unless I missed it:rolleyes:
  7. Me and Adam might not be able to make this now, have paid for double room, does anyone else want it for the same price? Pm me if you do
  8. Hi slight change of plans for me and Adam... We will only be coming for the day on Saturday not Sunday.. Hope that's ok
  9. I'll come for the drive. Don't think ill be putting Lola on the dyno though we already know she's slow
  10. Checked that hotel its all booked up so we will find another
  11. How much for hotel? Thinking we could stay seeing as its my birthday on the Monday after
  12. I like it mines gonna be a bit darker and my boyfriend insists on coming with me to choose a colour (doesn't trust me) haha. Will look out for you next week, shouldn't be hard to spot!
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