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Useless Thread Titles


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Do a search. Numpty. :D


oi Numpty ;) i was using that as an example of a useles thread title. everyone knows how to go NA-T, big shopping list and lots money at whifbitz then a 2bartuning MAP :D who da numpty now :)

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Definitely time for a bump on this. Several threads around with absolutely nothing in the title to allude to what's inside.

Are people trying to get more views on their thread or just trying to make it impossible to search for it in the future.


Example for people who don't grasp why the thread title should be relevant to the content:

Recently we have had three threads regarding a pink supra on eBay, however if you search thread titles for the same query, you will get zero results.

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Yes please, just delete them. Using useless thread titles is lazy, hard to use in searching and introduces linguistic entropy whose natural conclusion is having a forum filled with random characters, a few of which might spell words if we're lucky. Save us from this fate!

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