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  1. That's a lovely spec of car, and seems like a fair price to me. Good luck with the sale. I would if I could!
  2. Yeah, but whatever you do, don't forget to like and subscribe.
  3. Moved here as per OP's request
  4. From my old days as a bad motoring journalist, I can tell you that 6.2 is one of the best engines ever made. The C63 drives miles better than its rivals too. The gearbox isn't the quickest, but you soon learn to drive around that.
  5. Gaz6002

    Dizzy cap

    I've just been through and deleted 14 off-topic posts in this thread. Please try to keep things civil, people. Think about how it looks to a new member...
  6. It'd be good etiquette to start your own thread instead of appearing to hijack other people's posts
  7. Works just fine on my phone using Chrome though
  8. Welcome! Keep us informed on your project - sounds fascinating. We like lots of images of oily parts along the way
  9. Spoke to the chap who bought mine for just long enough to realise I'd made a huge error
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