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  1. Wouldn't a death cross indicate a sell-off rather than a sideways movement?
  2. CTEK seem top of the game - pretty expensive though. I picked up an obscure brand one from Aldi recently but not used it yet.
  3. They're up for £400 on the Facebook site
  4. Hi Noz, I'll take it if still available please. If anyone else wants one desperately then happy for them to have it. But I'm still running the original rad in my NA and thinking it'll give up at some point. Very club- spirited of you! Nice to see parts change hands like this!
  5. I'll take the pre-facelift set if still available please
  6. Thanks all - I've decided not to paint mine, but to keep with concrete floors and cardboard if needed.
  7. stevie_b

    Trolley jacks

    I'm going to be selling my Costco 3 tonne trolley jack very soon - it's an Arcan XL30R. Pics and a for sale thread coming shortly. It'll be pickup only as it's a weighty beast.
  8. I've got an integral garage with a standard concrete floor. I was thinking of painting the floor with one of those workshop/garage paints. Before I do, it occurred that sealing the floor with a non-porous layer (e.g. paint) might not be a great idea because if the car's wet when I put it away, it'll just drip onto the floor and the water will sit there. With a concrete floor, the water is absorbed into the floor and gradually evaporates back out. The result being no puddles. My garage is very much a working garage - a place for storing the car and other bits n bobs. So it's got to be p
  9. I'll take this if it's still available please.
  10. Links don't seem to work - looking forward to pictures!
  11. Good work, and thanks for updating the thread. Good to know what the fix was.
  12. That lists both pre-facelift and facelift caps - I wonder how you choose which type you want?
  13. Hi suprano, I'm after a set of prefacelift centre caps - are these still available please?
  14. Bender - your paintwork looks mint. Has it been resprayed?
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