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  1. Welcome to the club Paul, and might I say that's a lovely Supra you have -Ian
  2. Thank you for all your help Dunk, you are a sound chap The car is now sold.
  3. Hi Nicky, I've responded to your PM
  4. Right, I've bought my replacement car so I need the space in the garage now Relisted on ebay for 21k, so price change on here to reflect that.
  5. Seriously? You're a mug then. Enjoy your "high refined fuel that has been modified and the atoms split and converted into nano atoms then the machine adds a nevgitive charge to them."
  6. Ooh yes please, that would be very nice of you
  7. You have to have something that needs cleaning out and is actively causing problems with your mpg etc. before anything like this can possibly have an effect. It can only ever try to restore what you have lost, despite the adverts being worded in such a way to make you think it magics up horsepower out of thin air.
  8. I know you're tempted, make an offer
  9. "He's at best a chancer, at worse a con artist. So many people have been stung the list is endless. It's a shame that so many well regarded members here also support his FB page (as admins). Perhaps they don't know the full extent of what he's done to dozens of others, but it should be obvious from the feedback that's posted there. I also read many comments from members on here slating us for not taking action on some items, but yet when Moe gets banned for some serious issues those same members get behind him and slag off the forum moderation team? Talk about double standards."
  10. Talking of complexity, my next door neighbour is a mechanic who works from home, and he had a Conti GT in once with a fuel delivery problem. I suggested checking the fuel pump and he looked like he'd dropped his wallet in a septic tank. It's about half a days' labour to get to the pump, you have to take the rear seats out! You can have all this wonderment and gadgetery in the world but if it's not maintainable, what's the point? I always factor in maintenance these days, I'd never have a mid-engined car for example, when I looked at spark plug changs on a Boxster and it started "remove t
  11. Sensible offers from sensible owners will be considered, by the way
  12. Thank you Scooter, and convince away It'd be nice for it to go to you! You saw it once in a motorway traffic jam remember?
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