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  1. Me too If I didn't know that they had wrecked a Supra I would like it more. Unless of course I can convince myself that it is actually Supra Body Armour to protect the bodywork from stonechips and the like and keep it pristine underneath. Where do I order?
  2. Was that a one off or are you willing to sacrifice more Llamas? willing to settle for Alpaca if it swings the deal.
  3. It always seemed to be one of the 'good ones' and a pretty sound investment too, bought for a bargain price(at the time) on ebay and collected at a dodgy pub so it was a bit of a gamble but one of the rare times that ebay worked as it should. I have enjoyed it for at least 7 out of the 10 years of ownership and am hoping to rekindle some love for it, appears to be working out as I have spent more time sitting with a beer and looking at it now that its inside than I have cleaning it up I know that feeling at least we have the cold rain to look forward to
  4. Had to watch again and it suddenly made sense, how is sunny Wales Peter? Thanks Frank, much appreciated, have edited the first post now
  5. Thanks m8, yeah still nice but I was always planning on trying to keep the original paint, now I don't have a choice, but maybe that's a good thing. As a daily driver it was starting to show its age a bit and towards the end it was getting a little neglected. Not something I'll ever sell and I'm happy to clean and restore it slowly and keep it under a sheet until I have more time/money. thanks for the positive words of encouragement
  6. After a quick wash, feeling even more guilty now. Some parts are better than expected but the lacquer on the bonnet, roof and rear wing are worse, especially under fluorescent lighting. Don't think this is going to polish out....
  7. Not like it was in my day we used to get parts shipped overnight from Japan....... Damned Brexit
  8. Robzki

    my bad luck supra

    Its the only thing that made me come back, that and I was worried that the place had gone downhill, you are not a moderator so that's a weight off my mind.
  9. Robzki

    my bad luck supra

    After a 3 year break from being here its nice to see that you are still tactful and to the point Graham.
  10. No Piglets in the Vid Junkie, There is a sheep which will probably be fairly exciting as you are closer to Wales than I am.
  11. Strangely I really like it, a credit to you. for some reason it reminds me of my old Celica I had when I was 17 or 18, possibly my bad memory as it was 25 years ago.............
  12. I like my auto and have never really wanted a manual, as Annabella said I now I have it confirmed that auto IS the new manual Good work, looking forward to seeing this progress, want one but only if you can take monthly payments....in Haribos
  13. Work done: Bilstein Rears New Toyota rear upper suspension arms(holy shizzle they're expensive) Cam cover breather pipes renewed Chris Wilson Caliper kits all round(new seals pistons etc) 'race brake fluid' Do-luck braided brake lines 3G rear drilled grooved brake discs Whifbitz FPD removal SRD fmic SRD stainless front upper panel Coil pack clips renewed NGK Iridium - BKR7EIX Plugs Walbro fuel pump K&N Panel filter Double decat 3" catback Sard race cat Partial ARC IC Pipework ARC BOV Aftermarket Ally Expansion tank Oem spats Oil Filter Sandwich plate Ugly red AS
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