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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

mkivSupra.net Track day - Llandow - 20th June 2009


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Oh yes, after the sucess of last year, we're going again!


Places remaining: 7



mkivSupra.net Track Day - Saturday 20th June

Llandow Circuit (Near Cardiff)






Same score as before....




  • Motorsport can be dangerous. All participants/spectators/etc do so at their own risk.
  • The track has been exclusively hired by mkivSupra.net
  • Strictly 40 places maximum. First come: first served
  • No more than 10 cars are allowed out on track at any one time
  • Professional staff on site to manage the day, give safety briefings, marshalling, etc, PLUS a paramedic
  • On-site cafe will be open throughout the day
  • If traders wanted to come along and pimp their services/products/demo cars - all the better! Please PM me.
  • Spectators / club members who'd rather just watch are more than welcome!
  • Closed-wheeled cars only: if its got mudguards, it counts as closed wheel.


Circuit Details:

  • Length: 1450m
  • Width: 9m
  • "In consideration to the local community, we operate a self imposed noise limit of 105db absolute maximum"
  • Location (click)
  • Distance from:
    • Cardiff - 20 miles A48 / B4268
    • Bristol - 60 miles M4 / A48 / B4268
    • Birmingham - 123 miles M5 / M50 / A4119 / M4 / A48 / B4268
    • London - 160 miles M4 / A48 / B4268



I'm pleased to report that although the track hire and staff prices have gone up, but the VAT reduction is proving useful for once so the total cost is the same as last year!

  • Driving Participants: £70 per car
  • 2nd Drivers: £20
  • Spectating: FREE!
  • Passengering: FREE!



  • Before using the circuit all participants MUST:
    1. Sign an Indemnity form
    2. Provide a full driving licence
    3. Be physically fit
    4. Be a competent driver (and hold a UK licence - bring it with you!)
    5. Wear a suitable helmet for the purpose (self-regulated, but anything obviously deficient such as a skiing helmet and you'll be denied access to the track - motorbike helmets are allowed).
    6. Arms and legs must be covered at all times.



    [*]No participants taking part shall have consumed or taken alcohol or any drug that will impair your ability to drive.

    [*]Participants must not race or compete against any other user.

    [*]The use of any form of 'official' timing equipment is not permitted.

    [*]Reckless or dangerous driving is expressly forbidden and anyone disobeying this rule may be asked to leave.


    [*]All participants on track days at Llandow Circuit MUST attend the Safety Briefing. This instruction will include:

    1. Rules of the day
    2. Flag Signals
    3. Entering and exiting the circuit
    4. Overtaking and being overtaken
    5. Driving/riding discipline
    6. Circuit layout and potentially hazardous sections
    7. Paddock driving/riding
    8. Breakdown/incident procedures
    9. Session stopping

    [*]Overtaking should take place on the straights only or exiting the bends. No overtaking in the bends and no cutting inside whilst approaching the bend.

    [*]A speed limit of 5mph applies at all times in the circuit paddock and the pit lane.


Participants must ensure that their vehicle is safe and fit for the purpose that it will be used for on the circuit.

Mot/tax/road legal tyres are not required; but the car must be deemed "safe" inline with the above comment. Although no scrutineering will take place, any cars deemed unsafe by the marshals (e.g. spotted dropping fluids) will be sent back to the pits.



Draft Schedule:

  • 08:30 Gates open
  • 09:00 Sign-on
  • 09:30 Driver briefing
  • 10:00 Drivers split into groups of 10 based on experience/car/power/etc. Each group goes out nin turn, after 2 run-throughs of the groups, the track becomes 'open pit lane'; queue up whenever you feel like a blast and join when instructed. (Always 10 cars maximum on-track at any one time.)
  • 13:00 Lunch, track closes
  • 14:00 Track re-opens
  • 17:00 Close.



The circuit uses the following flags:

  • Chequered Flag = the end of the session
  • Yellow Flag = extreme caution, slow to 1/3 speed, no overtaking
  • Black Flag = return to the paddock and report to the Control Tower
  • Red Flag = session has been stopped. Slow down, return to paddock or assemble at the Bus Stop runoff (aka "OH SHI- Lane" ;)).


Please note:

  • No refunds can be given unless a replacement (I shall run a 'reserves' list) can take your place.
  • If you do something stupid enough to get ejected from the day (apparently that takes some doing!), or your car suffers a breakdown; or you don't turn up on the day - no refund will be given.



Restrictions on Signing-up:

  • Until 1st March: Paid-up club members who drive Supras only PLUS those paid-up club members who took part in other cars* last year (as a thankyou for making it a sucess)
  • 1st March - 1st April: Paid-up club members in any car*
  • 1st April onwards: Anyone given the nod to take part**


* = car must be at least comparable with an NA Supra

** = prefer 'known quantities' only, i.e. mates/family of club members. Must also meet above requirement.


OK OK, I'm in, What do I do now?:

  1. Check you meet the above requirements and are happy with the rules etc etc etc etc - you participate at your own risk and reciept of payment will be deemed to mean you have read & understand everything involved.
  2. Send £70 per car via PayPal to the club PayPal account (PayPal account is [email protected]) with "Llandow " as the reference. Click here for alternative payment methods.
  3. Once you've done that, send me a PM with ALL of the following info:
    • Your username
    • Any PayPal reference/email/etc details you are given when paying so I can tie-up who's paid with what payment
    • Driver's full (real) name
    • Make/model of vehicle
    • Vehicle registration
    • Basic vehicle specification (bhp is enough; or "BPU Supra", NA Supra, Single Turbo, etc)
    • Driver's approx track experience: None, beginner (limited experience), amateur (numerous tracks/days), pro (compete)

I will then add your name to the "PAID" list; here in post #3. :cool:



If you just want to spectate, that's cool, simply PM me and I'll add you to that list instead - just so i have an idea of number and everyone can see who's coming. :thumbs:



Calendar entry here; please RSVP.

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FAQ + Info Pack (attached)


Q1. What if it rains?

A1. Ensure your windows are closed to avoid getting wet. Drive a little slower; traction will be reduced. ;)


Q2. Will there be any tuition available?

A2. A full safety/rules briefing will be given, so no track-day tuition is necessary for even a beginner to track their car safely.


Q3. Insurance?

A3. The track have full liability insurance for any mistake THEY make. I am told that minor damage YOU may cause to armco/walls/buildings, they 'accept' as a fact of life and let it go. However you are NOT covered for any damage YOU cause to your car or anyone else's; if this concerns you, the track recommend "Competition Car Insurance" as apparently they know the track well and usually offer a good price.


Q4. Passengers?

A4. Are allowed; they must meet the same requirements are drivers (bar the driving license), have a helmet and must also sign the indemnity form. Passengers must be 12 or over


Q5. Alcohol allowed on site? (e.g. for those only spectating)

A5. No. A strict ban is in place.


Q6. Are cameras allowed in the cars?

A6. Yes but they must be SECURE. No hand-helds; proper camera mounts or permanent installations, only.


Q7. Is a (full) EU driving license ok?

A7. Yes.


Q8. How is the noise limit tested?

A8. Drive-by, not sure what distance.


Q9. What spec/regulation(s) do helmets need to meet?

A9. The track will allow anything that YOU think is up to the job of protecting your head in the event of a crash. Obvious sub-standard kit won't be allowed; skiiing/BMX helmets and the like for example. Overall it is YOUR responsibility to ensure YOUR headgear is up to the job. Helmets can be hired on the day for a small fee.


Q10. What about accomodation the night before?

A10. This Travelodge worked last year: It's cheap & cheerful, is on the same site as a Harvester for food/drinks, and is 1 mile from a McDonalds.


Q11: Track layout?




Q12: Info Pack?

A12: Attached. :thumbs:

mkivSupra Llandow Track Day (20th June 09) - Info Pack.doc

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PAID UP Participants:

01. SteveR - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

02. JamieP - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

03. vvteye - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

04. hogmaw - TT Supra - Travelodge-ing

05. Steady_Dave - NA Supra - Travelodge-ing

06. jaymdee - MR2 Turbo

07. cheekymonkey - TT Supra

08: Fearless + extra driver - NA Supra

09. dannyspeed - TT Supra - Travelodge-ing

10. Darrenchaplin (c/o JamieP) - E30 325i Sport with 535i engine - Travelodge-ing

11. AlexM - NA Supra (stripped for track use) - Travelodge-ing

12. AshBhp - Single-T Supra

13. b'have - Single-T Supra

14. Ark - TT Supra - Travelodge-ing

15. WRXJo - Subaru Impeza - Travelodge-ing

16. stuart mooney (c/o JamieP) - VW Scirocco GTi - Travelodge-ing

17. Bignum - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

18. little num- TT Supra - Travelodge-ing

19. AndyBandit - Impreza - Travelodge-ing

20. S2kAL - S2000

21. Muffleman - Single-T Skyline R32

22. Tim_B - Single-T RX7

23. downimpact - TT Supra

24. mark newman - TT Supra - Travelodge-ing

25. John Gough (c/o vvteye) - Jaguar XJR-6, Supercharged 4.0 - Travelodge-ing

26. M65japtt - Big-TwinT Supra

27. Sevenman - SAAB 9000

28. Professor Kenny - NA Supra

29. Guigsy - TT Supra

30. adnanshah247 - Single-T Supra

31. Steve Attwood (c/o vvteye) - Exige S

32. ?blokey? (c/o AshBhp) - Ultima GTR (~400bhp)

33. Paul Whiffin - Single-T Supra









Reserves: (will be consulted when the above list is full but someone drops out)






01. Peter Richards

02. Mawby - Travelodge-ing

03. Tigger - Travelodge-ing

04. adnanshah247 - Travelodge-ing

05. Robert - Travelodge-ing

06. J_Supra_07

07. nevins

08. Tandy

09. dandan

10. M5WTT








Dropped out: :(

Homer - NA Supra - Travelodge-ing

M5W TT - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

IanR - Single-T Supra - Travelodge-ing

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Put me down please Steve, I'll sort out the payment later


Will also be booking in at the travelodge for the night before :)

I'll bend the rules just this once, as it's you (and seeing as you can ban me if I don't ;))


What car will you be in Darryl, the project Supe?

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Really enjoyed last years event, but its a bit close to germany so i will have to see how the car holds up at rockingham, Would love to do this again as the mrs dont stop going on about it.
Lightweight, it's over a month before Germany! :p


Do it for the missis. ;)

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Man i hate that travelodge website, its pissing me about again:(


lol, i had the same, i spent like 45mins trying to reconfirm my details and i didnt like it, and they said they couldnt pay over the phone,


i paid last time and didnt even go to travel lodge, just drove up the next morning.


ill pay up soon if there is a space, but after spending 4k this month im skint, lol

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