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Hi guys, firstly a huge thank you to all who took the time to vote for me....now i can re-pay the favour by offering my services to you all at very good rates.


Extreme performance has a 3000sq ft workshop / garage and i will be offering services pretty much anything to do with supras such as servicing, general repairs, body repairs, engine conversions etc. (na-tt's especially)Also as well as supplying / fitting / painting bodykits too.


I also have the uks (poss worlds?) largest used supra parts in stock...always got supras in for breaking / dismantling so if you need anything please ask...lots of parts ready on shelf and can deliver anywhere in the world....


We also now stock a large range of genuine Toyota new parts on shelf...service items, brake parts, spare panels, wear and tear parts etc etc....


So if you need ANYTHING please pm me or give me a call on 01162 531233 or 07769975299 (9am-6pm) or email me [email protected]. Lots of offers comming soon so watch this space.... ;)


All major credit and debit cards accepted too....


thank you




some of my work below (my old na) and my current na-tt conversion project ive produced below....also will put customers cars here soon as well...






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Maybe we could have a meet at the premesis - would that be something you'd be up for, Keron?

Good luck with the business either way. :)


definately....once i get properly sorted and the weather gets a little better. i'll get one sorted....;)

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spoke to you on phone today about n/a to tt conversion

sound top guy and answered all my questions and i am definatly booking in for n/a to tt.

give you a ring this week and we book it in thanks


sure no problem mate...nice to speak to you....:)

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Hi keron, I've a 1993 NA J-spec auto aerotop, the car these days is feeling slow so I started looking at getting a TT conversion. I've seen a thread by wewsupra about the NA-TT conversion you did on his car and it sounds great! Could you please pm me a price on having the same parts used for my car? Also what kinda mileage do the TT engines have on them? Many thanks- Dave

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awsome, i "hopefully" will be in the market for new bumper and skirts possibly trail rear aswell and i think you have just become my place of choice being as your only £25 away

(atm, £30 next week lol):D

would you supply the kit also or just spray and fit?:)


lol just read you can supply, if all goes well with the repair of my supe i will be in touch;)

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