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  1. Thanks mate I did, for about a day. Long story mate! Miss it dearly, but i think Ill just have a BPU TT. Id like to think its the former
  2. I got in the queue to give you your birthday kiss but Burna was being greedy and I couldnt get close lol Cheeky
  3. Ahh there he is Im ok mate. Things could be a little better at the moment but otherwise im ok
  4. I prefer the term 'free with opinions' Possibly, i was half way through it for some time! Oh hey Vicki, not seen you on for ages Ta bud Hello mate! You come back too?!
  5. Hey mate Haha, that we do And you mate I had a few too mate, I could have been agreeing to anything! Thanks guys It was boot carpet i think? It has indeedy No trouble from me, im still sarcastic but more mature and less likely to annoy (I hope) OK Hey mate, still here? Yeah may well be, we will see Hey Nic, long time mate. You still HK or back to Blighty? PM me if you like
  6. Ahh mate, im so glad to see you are still around! Hows things? Hi Jazz, how are you?
  7. Nah mate, quit that 4 years back, came home and sold the supra, got a decent job and started to settle down Miss it though!
  8. Yeah its been 4 years since i last frequented. I only decided a day or 2 ago that I may want one, my circumstances have changed and now i no longer need an oil burning mileage muncher so....seems logical
  9. Well thats just bloody rude! God mate, not seen you for ages! Thank you chaps
  10. Hi guys I used to be a post whore and then I sold my Supra. Met up with a few of the guys at Havards birthday bash recently and thinking of returning to the fold. Will be 6 months away id say. Re-added the forum to my favourites, and ill be hanging around seeing whats new.
  11. They call that the rear cross bar, and it can be fitted at the same time as the RTS i think. http://www.nengun.com/do-luck/rear-cross-bar
  12. Although its same price i sold it to Ro for i think, so he isnt making any money on it. VERY rare too so grab a rather huge bargain while you can!
  13. I would have thought it would apply more to newer cars than the Supra. As mentioned some variants of most production cars wont have x item but all the cabling/mounting points for it. Unless the MOT test becomes an invasive test it wont be possible to determine what is what. Would effectively end up meaning that only manufacturers could complete an MOT on their own brand as they would be the only ones who know enough about what has what. It seems more to combat bodged 'stripped out' Corsa boy who removed airbags, ABS, drilled his own brakes etc and ends up killing someone as a result.
  14. I dont even know how i coped, all of the 7 petrol stations near me have fuel, although the first signs of retarded panic buying have started at one of them. I have £20 in the tank, that should last me 2-3 weeks now. If the problems carry on any longer ill work from home. Simples.
  15. Think its a reflection of the 'chute in the rear screen...
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