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Hi Keron -


You were recommended by the guys over in the mkiv tech forum :) If you get a chance could you take a quick look at my post




Hopefully you might be able to source those switches for me ?


Thanks -


Hi there, ok so I just checked your list and I have all 3 traction control switches...… there are 3 types avail as you had the prefacelift, facelift and the uk spec one too. I have pics of all 3 if you like. you can pm me, email me [email protected] or add me on messenger/facebook keron pirie or the business extreme performance





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just a quick note, last week I caught a bad cold then on Friday I lost my voice completely! got laryngitis so cant say a single word!


if anyone needs me please just message, im not ignoring you, just cant talk. hopefully it don't last too long! :(

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So as ive been making / reproducing parts that have been discontinued etc from Toyota to keep these cars on the road for the last couple of years, my latest part is the front bumper reinforcer / impact bar as i get asked for a lot so decided to make a big batch of them.  I was luckily enough  to have the last few from Toyota, kept one back for a template as well as the factory used ones.....

i actually weld all the way around unlike Toyota do on the end caps and also the ends are also curved as they are intended to be for a safety point of view and more importantly to fit properly unlike others ive seen on the market which are straight and don't fit the bumper energy absorber / bumper correctly as they are curved too so don't push in properly!.....

Some pics below....to show oem / mine and the differences. All hand built and fit 100%. Cost per item is £200 plus del and i can ship anywhere in the world.....

if you need one, just pm, email or call me....All payment methods accepted too.

Please note, these are for off road / show use only as nobody is willing to lend me their supra to do a crash safety test on for some reason. 

Kind regards



Keron 216148278_255963232547149_4619176663128026159_n.jpg.bbd3e9803c82582604c44a1eff12af89.jpg





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