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  1. North West 1. Lewmc93 - Merseyside 2. Harrypm82 - Manchester 3. Annabella - Lancashire 4. Jongilly - Cumbria 5. Jaycee1878 - Liverpool 6. Supra2jze - Manchester 7. Spunkmeyer - Cheshire 8. Ian Ian - Cheshire 9. Jak Jak - Cheshire 10. Ballsdeep - Manchester 11. herbiemercman - Clayton-Le-Woods 12. Dr_Doom - Cheshire North East 1. Safcdixon - Durham 2. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 3. Style - Newcastle 4. Jamesmark - Yorkshire 5. Jaycm - Durham Midlands 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. m12aak - Leicester 4. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 5. Sukhy -
  2. We need Littlenum here to tell of his Anti-lag experiences. Had me in stitches at the NEC car show I'm sure Si could fill us in though
  3. Dr_Doom

    Macau F3 crash

    I saw this yesterday and had to watch it a few times as I thought it was fake! To end up with just a fractured spine is a a miracle. You’d think that an impact like that from high speed would damage internal organs etc I guess people have fallen out of planes before though and survived. Incredibly lucky!
  4. I’m right thinking Delboy’s is a V8 engine swap? In that case I think it goes off whichever is oldest chassis/engine. It’s usually the car age/chassis code though unless you can actually prove how old the engine is. There is definitely another MOT rule though where if the car had a CAT fitted from the factory it has to be present for the MOT test regardless of emissions. This would probably be an obvious decat pipe and I can’t see how this would apply to an engine swap unless you got a really awkward tester.
  5. That’s only for import cars where there isn’t a european equivalent car to compare it to.
  6. Jason's right, they changed the rules a year or two ago. If the car is fitted with a cat from the factory, it has to be on for the MOT test even if it would pass the emissions test without it. Obviously most of us know friendly MOT testers though that might not notice it's missing
  7. If it’s a lot of oil leaking out then it’s bound to be the front main crank seal
  8. I completely forgot about this until the other day so I never got round to sending the form off. Still think I’ll have a drive over though with my friend with the V8 Capri Probably be around 11:30ish
  9. The charcoal canister is there on the pic. You can see the 3 hoses going to it
  10. I think his main issue will be getting to spark plugs 3&4. It’s a while since I’ve worked on an NA engine (if this is one) but they’re completely covered by the intake manifold and depending on how much water is down there it will need soaking up with something. I remember leaving the car running hoping it would evaporate with the heat by no such luck. With all that messing around it’s quicker to remove the manifold & get some kitchen roll down the wells. It’s only a 30min job when you know where the bolts are etc.
  11. As others have said, it’s 99% likely to be water in the spark plug wells. I’m guessing it’s misfiring? I made exactly the same mistake years ago when I first had my car. The bad news is that if it’s an NA, you may have to take the intake off that runs over the engine to get to all of the spark plugs and dry them out properly.
  12. I should be able to make it to this one! Put me & Tiff down
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