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Project White Gold - ‘The One That Nearly Got Away’.

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Posted (edited)

Foreword, following a dose of hindsight.

Ladies and Gentlemen..... Thank You for looking.

Unfortunately for you, but now fortunately for me. 😉

I am going to keep the car, and start a project thread instead of selling, let’s just call it a gut feeling.

Saturday 1st May 2021 - wrote a sales advert off the cuff, thought it time to move on to something different, really fancied a Range Rover (still do).

Later the next day out towards Kingsbridge for a drive, some strange occurrences took place.

A Lamborghini Aventador driver hanging out his drivers window smiling and watching me head down the road, and then in a little village a little kids face lit up waving with thumbs up.

Today, while hoovering the car ready to start getting some nice photos, a local bus driver beep beep’d smiling with thumbs up.

Made me question my decision, so going to keep it for a while, and start a project instead.

Thanks for all the interest shown, and warm wishes to date.

Sorry for being a wally all.


My background: -TBC.

My pride and joy for many years.


My Supra’s History: -

Owner 1. (Japan and UK).

Original owner from the UK was living and working in Japan, he bought the car with 8,000 km on the clock.

Thankfully he brought the car back with him, when he returned to the UK.

History = Supra imported on 01/09/1996. Registration was ‘926 SRO’.

MOT History.

97 = 12,850 km / 98 = No Paperwork / 99 = 27,364 km / 00 = 35,056 km / 01 = 38,938 km / 02 & 03 = No Paperwork / 04 & 05 = SORN / 06 = 40,843 km / 06 = SORN.

Owner 2. (Cheshire - UK). 

I put on my rumpled beige raincoat, grabbed a imitation cigar, and started some relentless investigation to turn up the following car/ owner history. (Please don’t judge me - I am not weird honest 😁).

I found some details on the car by searching the on the Club, and took screen shots including a conversation that took place with the previous owner dated 19/05/2007.


Obviously, I was made up to find these photos, same car with same registration as my paperwork archive from previous owners.

Photos were dates 25/02/2006, which was great to see and clarify.








MOT History.

07 = 45,025 km (Feb) / 08 = SORN / 08 = 48,006 km (March) / 09 = 49,192 km / 10 = SORN / 11 = SORN / 11 = ‘926 SRO’ registration transfer to ‘L140 KVR’.

I was super excited to find the car had all the previous documents, having been lovingly looked after by the looks of things, and also possibly dry stored assuming from the photos.

DVLA papers mentioned disabled, so perhaps someone’s pride and joy.


3rd Owner Certainly Put His Stamp On The Car - (With No Messing About).

Owner 3. (Southampton - UK).

3rd owner carried out the engine modification, but not before driving with the 2JZ NA for a while.

Car was treated to dry storage and wrapped up in a double garage, and told it only gets taken out in nice weather.

Roof was often not stored on the car as the owner liked to use it with the roof off, mainly drove it to the couples tennis club only in the end, and decided it was time to sell after doing all he wanted to in it. 

They were a very nice retired couple, and it was a pleasure to have met them.

He was big into AC Cobra’s built a kit car from the ground up, but regrettably sold it and being a bit bored bought this as a replacement, but the straight 6 didn’t cut it, and hence a V8 transplant took place.

A Toyota Soarer SC400 was sourced again Japanese import.

I have all the paperwork, import certificate, Owners Manuals, Service records, which is really nice.

The donor was driven around for a couple years just to make sure it was in fine fettle before carrying out the transplant.

Mileage of the donor was 116,584 km and Registration was J25 KFB.

The 1UZ-FE V8 used is an early engine roughly 1991 is very strong with oversized Con Rods, 6 bolt main caps, and is suitable for bolt on Superchargers or Turbocharging.

The plan was to Supercharge the car in the end, his ultimate plan, not telling the wife of course.

The owner then found THOR Racing who were doing V8 conversions at the time, and it was just the service he was looking for to achieve what he was after.


The Supra was dropped off as a running loved and cared for original factory car, and after paying a bill for 5.3k and assume turning the Soarer into a cube, he had the V8 he always really lusted after being a V8 man.

A lot of preventative maintenance was carried out, along with transplant specifics.

Cam belt, auxiliary belt, tensioners, spark plugs, 8mm fuel lines reworked, aluminium updated radiator, ITG air filter, fluids oil and gearbox, gearbox solenoids were cleaned, digital rev counter conversion, fuel filter relocation, re-conditioned alternator.

The original conversion photographs were still on the old THOR website, but since looking again I can’t seem to find them.

Lucky foe me, I saved them when I first found them, so will dig them out at some point. (Now added).

They show the original factory engine being removed, and the V8 conversion taking place.


NA 2JZ in the departure lounge.




Ready to receive its new heart.



Maintenance carried out while easier to do, timing belt, tensioners etc.


1UZ-FE in its true home.





This work was completed in 2013, and it is like it left the factory with a V8, if no one was any the wiser (but we all know really).

As things turned out the car had a bit of a heat problem after the conversion, and a hydro coupled 3 stage electric fan was installed.

Its only ever needed if stuck in traffic for long periods of time, and I never really need to use it unless it’s stationary in very hot weather - not that common here.

A digital temp gauge was installed in a holder, screwed to side of dash, devastated by this really as the car is very very original, it looks alright, but you know it’s buggered a hole in a master piece really.

A bit of engine detail for anyone who’s interested, more anorak brigade, got mine hung up somewhere.

The 1UZ-FE engine has aviation grade accreditation to be used in light aircraft, which is one of very few engines ever successful in achieving this.

Its an all aluminium block and heads, and is very light, lighter than the 2JZ iron block.

You will notice in my photos the front sits a little higher, and that’s due to the weight difference and standard spring ratings not being correct.

Found this performance graph comparison online, thought it was quiet a good one.


He spent probably 8.5k on the car in work alone, not including the purchase of the car, and the donor having roughly counted up the receipts. (Top man indeed - and fellow petrol head I salute you).

Please find a embedded YouTube Video below, of the owner with his car at the time.

Thankfully the owner kept the original steering wheel, which was practically as new not being used.

I was literally made up when the owner gave it to me just before I was leaving, glad he remembered that he stored it.

Almost as good as being given a gold bar, in my mind.

Couple pictures of him changing wheels, dressing brakes etc.



MOT History.

11 = 49,210 km / 12 = 50,339 km / 13 = 52,353 km / 15-05-13 = Engine conversion at THOR Racing. (Toyota SC400 Soarer = Donor car mileage 116,584 Km) / 14 =53,512 km / 15= 54,602 km / 16 = 55,435 km. (July).

Additional work carried out: -

04/03/2014 = Battery.

01/04/2014 = Strange Shaped Indicators.

14/05/2014 = Custom made Vortex Exhaust.

2015 = New Radio.

2015 = Battery Disconnect fitted.

2016 = Cam Belt/ Tensioners/ Oil Service - owner discovered tensioners were billed for by THOR, but not replaced possible error, but he paid for them to be done again after getting money back with someone else.

2016 = New Adjustable Shocks (Standard Shocks, but with rebound adjustment).

2016 = Soarer ECU had it’s capacitors replaced, a common problem with soarers.

2016 = New Plugs and Distributor Arms and Caps.

2016 = Sale Advert Pictures.







Owner 4. (South Devon - UK) ‘That will be me folks’.

10/10/2020 - Was a really nice break from lockdown a peaceful trip out across Dartmoor, and made it into the Club Calendar this year on my Birthday year.

Thanks to all involved in pulling that together again this year.


Following the moment of madness, thought I’d grab a picture of the mileage to date for the advert.

Mileage is not too bad for a 26 years old, with Photo taken at 19:25 hrs Sunday 2nd May 2021.


My history file, I am sure we all have them.

Important papers, Original Owners Manuals, Original Toyota Keys.

Nearly every receipt, little annoying about the missing MOT Certificates for a couple years with previous owners must have miss placed them perhaps.

Just keeps things interesting, I suppose is the best to look at it. 😀


Specification is as follows: -

JZA80 2JZ-GE NA Aero SZ Auto from factory with A01A Diff. (4 speed - 3.0 straight six cylinder).

Engine Conversion = 1UZ-FE 4.0 V8 and 4 speed A340E.

Standard 250 hp (186 kW)/260 lb⋅ft.

No traction control, No Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR) from factory.

Early 1991 engine most desirable for tuning potential, strongest version.

SC400 gearbox 4 speed Auto, but has Supra gearshift linkage, so looks like oem auto Supra as from factory.

Supra and a Soarer front ends are the same practically under the skin.

Car has two first factory standard catalytic converters in place, and one factory secondary cat, into a modified Supra exit via Tanabe Medalion Exhaust Tail Box.

Super nice sounding, very quiet, almost like an electric car quiet, until you open the car up of course.

I have a custom Vortex exhaust too, but removed it as it was simply too loud for me.

Much prefer the classic more understated look and sound, feel it’s better suited to quieter cruising less hassle.

Engine always had oils changed regularly as na 2JZ, and as 1UZ-FE oil is always golden, and Toyota parts always used.

Engine coolant was changed, thermostats changed, always serviced for Toyota Air Cleaner before required, hardly driven in reality versus what this is designed to do.

Air Con pump is there, but disconnected, could be re adapted if necessary, old gases cleared.

Colour is OEM Toyota 040 - rare in itself as a Aero Top or Targa also known as.

They didn’t make that many from factory, seem to remember a thread about it at some point.

Car has UK Front Brakes and UK Rear Brakes.

Stainless Brake Lines All around.

Various bushes replaced on the anti roll bars to polyurethane.

Replaced Suspension with adjustable damping. Standard ride height.

Aero Top Tool Bag/  Tool/ specific Toyota wrench to undo/ redo roof securing fasteners.

Factory OEM Grey Pure Sport floor mats.

Original grey carpet, and headliner from factory.

Excellent condition original dash panels, we all know the early style marked very easily.

Original Excellent condition steering wheel.

Excellent original seats, with correct vinyl rear bench.

Factory correct boot panels, Aero top storage hangers.

Factory Aero top instruction note still hanging in the boot, showing how to fit roof panel.

Oem factory correct 17 inch Alloy Wheels (not refurbed original).

OEM factory correct hub caps for pre facelift alloys.

OEM factory exterior trim - as preferred this look fitted.

OEM original plastic skirts and rear spats from factory (Stored).

Original keys as supplied by Toyota Dealer.

Original locks all around that fit original keys.

Drivers door look illumination around key hole still working, when handle is pulled at night.

Rear fog light via switch integrated to rear lights.

Immobiliser and central locking via alarm system.

OEM telescopic Aerial, classic 90’s nostalgia love it.

All glass original, front screen has tint to top from factory.


I purchased the car on 26/08/2016. 

Mileage was 55,521 km.

MOT History.

17 = 60,823 km / 18 = 64,982 km / 19 = 70,055 (miles entered in error) is km’s / 20 = 74,488 km.

Vehicle is still in kilometres, has not had any speedo alterations, and still has the factory limiter in place.

Current MOT Expires = 09/ 08/ 2021.

Genuine Mileage = 77,427km.


Additional Work Carried Out: -

2016 = New Battery Uprated, and new bigger terminals to replace jap spec versions.

2017 = Replaced side repeaters, for oem ones as originals came with car.

2017 = Magnecor Competition Spark Plug Lead Set (MAG-8541) KV85. Red.

2017 = Spark Plugs (Iridium DENSO).

Ignition Set Changed at 58,511 km.

2017 = Bought all oem trim, to remove oem skirts and spats fitted from factory.

2017 = Bought and replaced rear bumper to remove previous owners parking sensors (he had a very tight garage). Still have original, but has parking sensors that ruined shape of rear bumper, so glad when changed this.

2017 = Castrol Edge Oil Titanium 5w-40 fst Fully Synthetic.

2017 = Air filter and Oil Filter.

2018 = UK oem Toyota Brake pad set front and rear, Braided Brake Lines, Uk rear callipers and discs. Mileage = 59,916 km.

2018 = Uprated Walbro 255 lph fuel pump (BPU Spec as turbo cars).

2018 = New fuel filter.

2018 = Gearbox Oil Toyota Type iv, sump fluid change not flushed, and gearbox filter changed. 

Mileage = 64,854 km.

2019 = OEM Rear Lights (pair) as my originals had a mark on one lense. Pretty confident this was scratched by 3rd owner having a company mop the car to make look nice for sale. Always bugged the hell out of me, so swapped out for some excellent used ones correct to the car in Jap Specification. (I like the original lights - denotes a proper JDM car).

2020 = Coronavirus March to March - ill beyond belief, and still have long covid.

2021 = 30th May. Mileage = 77,806 km. Basic service carried out.

Air Filter (Toyota). Oil Filter (Toyota). Castrol Edge Oil Titanium 5w-40 fst Fully Synthetic.


Still to do list service wise.

Differential Oil.

New Fuel filter (Toyota).

Edited by Pudsey
Project Thread Request sent to Tyson - Please Move In If Worthy. (see edit history)
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  • Pudsey changed the title to Project White Gold - ‘The One That Nearly Got Away’.
11 minutes ago, mc92 said:

V8s look so good in the engine bay.

Cheers buddy,

It’s literally the car Toyota should built, as many have said before me.

So nice to drive too, effortless.

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26 minutes ago, Tyson said:

@Pudsey moved as requested, looking forward to seeing updates. Love a V8 rumble 😁

Many thanks for your help with that, and the prompt response.

It was so quick in fact, I will credit you with helping me get ‘potentially’ some of my dignity back.


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5 minutes ago, Pudsey said:

Many thanks for your help with that, and the prompt response.

It was so quick in fact, I will credit you with helping me get ‘potentially’ some of my dignity back.


No problem at all 👍

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24 minutes ago, Annabella said:

Good decision! 

Thank you - you know what it’s like when you get a nice comfy pair of old slipper.

Sometimes they just got to go for a new pair.

In my case I just reached for some Odor-Eater Shoe Spray.



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Welcome to the build section, glad to see you’ve chosen to hold on to it, chances of getting another one are slim to non-existent, especially with this spec and drivetrain as an aerotop. 


I see from the previous owner’s video he liked a ‘V8’ badge! (Think I counted 4 at least!) Lol. The ‘’Lexus’ badge was a bit much on the back as well, but it’s each to their own I guess! 

Sounds like this car is in good hands and hopefully will stay that way for a while. Look forward to seeing updates. :) 

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8 hours ago, Peter P said:

Welcome to the build section, glad to see you’ve chosen to hold on to it, chances of getting another one are slim to non-existent, especially with this spec and drivetrain as an aerotop. 


I see from the previous owner’s video he liked a ‘V8’ badge! (Think I counted 4 at least!) Lol. The ‘’Lexus’ badge was a bit much on the back as well, but it’s each to their own I guess! 

Sounds like this car is in good hands and hopefully will stay that way for a while. Look forward to seeing updates. :) 

Cheers Buddy,

Should have done this really from the start, but have always tended to keep myself to myself more than anything.

Ha yeah, well spotted on the badge front, Obviously I did the love it, you have done a great job, but those came off straight away.

Even felt a bit of a wally driving home with them all over it, but it was his thing and he loved it guess that’s all that counts at the end on day.

He also had some ‘Help The Heroes’ and ‘Union Jacks’ on there too, I think he might have offered trips out for donations at local events.

Yes looking forward to bringing this up to date, lots of photos, things I have done, and are to do too.

Should be fun. 😉

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Posted (edited)

August 2016.

One of my favourite places Dartmoor.

These were taken after removing the extra badges, pretty sure the car was performing a little better with the weight reduction it saw. 😄






The car actually came with some nice wheels, although 19’s Khan was the manufacturer now big into Range Rover modifications funnily enough.

Really well made wheels, but boy they were heavy, stayed super clean though mega bonus easy to wash.

April 2017.

Not a great deal changed by this point apart from the weather, which actually saw me drive it with the roof off for once.









April 2017.

Always knew the 19’s would have to go, 18 inch staggered Borbet GS300 Grand Stands were the order of the day.

Car drove so much better with the 18’s, much more comfortable too.

Also decided to remove the Vortex custom Exhaust, which had no resonator silencer, and replaced with a Tanabe Touring Medallion.

The emotional feeling could only be described as it must be like sliding into some silk undies, I imagine. Oh the relief. 

Had to make a aluminium gasket as the seal wasn’t tight enough using normal exhaust gaskets, but got the job done and was happy with results.









September 2017.

Removed the OEM Skirts and Spats, was happy to see the car was pretty mint underneath.

Just polished it up, and waxed it, wasn’t too bad, bit discoloured by the lower sills though, not helped by the OEM dimpled rust presentation coating from factory.





























Just chuffed there wasn’t anything bad hiding underneath, with just a tiny bit rust on the near side lower rear section edge was hiding under spat, and offside rear inner arch was hiding where spat secures with fixings.

Oh and the rear nearside arch lip inner edge was starting to show corrosion, luckily caught this in the nick of time before any horrors I am sure would have occurred else.

Worth checking these areas guys and girls.

I had the whole rear end sprayed at BMW Ocean, rear quarters glass out, along with side pods, to make sure the paint matched.

I decided against the sills and door shut, just to keep the original finish for the mean time as it was fairly alright really, considering it rolls around close to the floor.

OEM Rear bumper was swapped out for a OEM facelift replacement, to resolve the Parking Sensors completely.

I also bought all new oem fixings for the install of the standard trim garnishes, bloody expensive they were for bits and bobs.

Original OEM wing side repeaters were installed, much better in my opinion.

May 2018.

Achieved a fair bit by this date, and kinda had the car looking the way I wanted in my mind.

I upgraded the original rear Jspec discs pads and callipers, with UK Rear Callipers and discs along with new pads all around.

Braided lines were also fitted for good measure all around.

Fully serviced engine oil, filters etc.






Edited by Pudsey
Photos & Write Up. (see edit history)
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8 hours ago, wile e coyote said:

Hi mate

what a great read

Hey there Darren,

Hope all is well your end, and thanks for positive comment.

Couldn't resist another photo today, out Okehampton way.



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Posted (edited)

June to November 2019.

Changed my wheels again.

This time went for some ADVAN Senna 2’s, 9J Front and 10J Rear, decent offset with no rubbing or arch work.

 Toyo Proxi T1R Tyres 235/40/18 and 275/35/18.

Gold steel wheel nuts.


December 2019.

Reverted back to stock OEM wheels.


March 2020 to March 2021.

Written off due to Coronavirus, fell ill on 20th March 2020.

Still not really right even now, getting over Long Covid slowly and never really been right since falling ill.

One of the reasons why I was going to sell up, just couldn’t see my self getting back to being able to do anything of substance.


May 2021.

Today being the 30th May 2021.

Mileage = 77,806 km. 

Carried out a Service, which was over due for me, certainly would have carried this out sooner if it wasn’t for pesky Covid getting me.

None the less.

OEM Air Filter, OEM Oil Filter, Sump Washer, Changed Automatic Gearbox Fluid - Sump change roughly 2 litres with OEM Type IV fluid.





Knocked some of surface corrosion off the lower panel, and sprayed up for a bit of protection.

Underside tidy up to commence at some point.


Soarer SC400 Air Box, quiet like the little flap, super easy change.



Not too bad, for a couple years sat in a box.

Bloody expensive these too for the Soarer.


Massive difference new vs old, I know which one I prefer.


Nicely settled in his new home.


Although easy access, was a pain in the ass to get off.


After much longer than I had hoped the blighter was off.

Took bloody ages for the oil to drain out the filter, prior to removal.


Gearbox sump drop was a lot quicker, still nice cherry red.

Previously done the sump filter, and long sump drain.

Changing a bit at a time, rather than all at once, hopefully to avoid any gearbox issues.

Runs nice and smooth in any case.


Just the way we like it, golden.

Yum, yum.


Mileage check for records.

Went out for a drive checked levels, Autobox nicely within the hot min and max, when hot.

Job done.


Couple of shots of the interior.






My favourite photo spot and tree, in my back yard.


Brings me up to date for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Been a cracking day, such a change from all the rain of the last month hey.

Edited by Pudsey
Photos & commentary. (see edit history)
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