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  1. I would also agree with this - planning to discuss it with Romain and go from there. My understanding is that he is well versed in both, so I'll see what the consensus is and make a decision!
  2. Absolutely; the power seems alright at select points, however the swift drop-off was due to a limiter of sorts according to the operator. From what I can deduce, I think it would appear to be a fuel cut or similar - that'd tie up with the AFR as well I suppose! I've ordered some new plugs and will be giving it another tweak for another couple of runs tomorrow with a view to sussing where some of the issues are stemming from! Ultimately, either a remap or a new ECU will be where I go from here - the Link Kurofune seems like a sensible option as it utilises the existing loom, with a Syvecs
  3. Engine Type - 2JZ-GTE VVTi Engine Spec - Relatively stock as far as I know; never been opened in my ownership and was modified in Japan pre-import. Turbo - GReddy T88-34D Fuel Used - Tesco 99 Exhaust - 4" downpipe/midpipe bolted to a Whifbitz 4" Titanium Transmission - V161 ECU - HKS F-Con V Pro (unsure which exact variant) Mapped By - Japan Dyno Used - DJ-Autos (Aberdeen). Dyno Developments type, which I've been told is basically just a Dyno Dynamics Power figure - 573.84bhp fly (corrected from 488.4WHP @5600rpm). Torque figure - 544.32 lbf.f
  4. James

    Project Pesto

    I absolutely love seeing this.
  5. Definite blast from the past seeing this, though I imagine it'll be a whole different animal now!
  6. Hi all, I have the HKS F Con (unsure the exact variant) and need to do some data logging based on a dyno run yesterday showing a really bizarre AFR: Just curious as to how easy it is to actually access the HKS ECU? By the time all is said and done in terms of getting the car logged, travel, adjusting map etc. I’m starting to immediately wonder whether I’d be better off just putting my money towards a Syvecs and be done with it. Thoughts welcomed either way; and incidentally if anyone has seen anything like that AFR graph before then please chime in!
  7. Great transformation already; keen to see where it goes from here. Always love a white Supra!
  8. How are the lenses and the outer rubbers? If all good I'll take them as have an LED project ongoing and need housings for them.
  9. Please reinstate price per forum classified section rules.
  10. So long as I’m not sent offshore or the likes then would hopefully manage - my attendance at national meet-ups of any sorts has been pitiful at best!
  11. I have CCW LM5T in 18x11.5 +37 rear, 18x9.5 +24 front. They need a re-polish and have a little ding on one lip (NS/R). Would be after around £2500 without tyres. PM me if you want pics etc.
  12. I use the RPS triple as well - can't fault it at all. It feels great for pottering around as well as holding up great when seeing abuse. Quite a graduated feel as well - not too on/off.
  13. ^ This. If you can adjust to suit please Noz, that'd be spot on. https://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?285573-Sales-Thread-Template-Please-copy-and-paste-this
  14. James

    Syvecs vs link

    A friend of mine uses a Link G+ with his 34 GTR and everything has been pretty good for him thus far. I have no direct experience with either on Supras though. I'd definitely be discussing it with Romain if he will be mapping for you. Definitely worth searching on here as well for any cars on the same management with the same/similar specs so there is something to work from.
  15. A 6266 GEN2 DBB will do 700 on V Power so long as you have other sufficient supporting mods (cams etc.). Very fast spooling. If you factor in 50% ethanol to a 700bhp pump setup you would yield ~780bhp depending on the mapping. Reference for this is a previous build by SRD (JamieP's old white Supra 'Goose'). Worth searching old threads to locate that one to cross-check the rest of the build spec.
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