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  1. 1. Mark C 2. Frank Bullitt 3. Herb 4. Supraleon
  2. 1. 214supra 2. Mark C 3. Frank Bullitt 4. Herb 5. Supraleon
  3. Quick update on this, we need at least 15 for an order as the minimum order quantity is 25, keep plugging
  4. **EDIT** following the facebook bluewater thread, this is not happening. No meet this month.
  5. Hey, who is going this Friday? We plan to be there as long as others are!
  6. Sorry, they have all gone. Happy to start an "interested" list, and if we get enough names I can order another batch 1. 214supra
  7. Grand! Most have been sent now, only the orders taken late last week are still to go out.
  8. OK, that is it! Sold out! I think Jackie still has 2 available from the NEC show.
  9. just replied to your pm, stock is very low so I will make sure I have enough left before asking for payment!
  10. I think it had a private plate, something like LX XXX, but I forgot already hahaha
  11. Anyone else who would like one, you can either pm me for payment details or there will be a limited number at the NEC show in November where you can purchase them directly.
  12. OK, update - sent a trial parcel via the cheaper option of myhermes, it wasn't ideal (took nearly 1 week) but it did arrive and wasn't damaged. I will amend the first post.
  13. Thanks all, I've got a list of everyone who has asked so far. I'm going to send a "Test" shipment this week as I want to be certain the online parcel price is genuine and test feasibility etc. After that I'll be able to confirm final price and will send you all the final details. Those who want them sending to NEC, yup that's fine. Sorry I can't make it, I will be at a customer's that weekend.
  14. OK, DPD is even more but myhermes would make it £6 which would be much better. Main problem is I would have to print the labels and I don't have a printer so would add a delay, but as long as people don't mind waiting a bit for them. Could do with a guinea pig for one just to make sure they aren't lying about the price (don't trust it!) anyone fancy trying it, Al? maybe?
  15. I used a parcel comparison website, that was the best it came up with for the dimensions as they are just over 120cm when packaged. Maybe I could squash them down a bit, if it makes THAT much difference in price.
  16. **SOLD OUT** Hi guys, following on from several requests to have another batch of club umbrellas made up, I now have them ready for purchase. They are large "golf" type umbrellas. See attached pics. They are £22 each. Postage via myhermes is £6 but the "trial" one I sent did take nearly a week to arrive. If anyone would prefer to use Parcel Force 48 hour, it is £12. Postage outside the UK please contact me with where and I will get a price. Those of you who are local can collect (East Sussex). They can also be collected from the Birmingham NEC show at the beginning of Nov
  17. I was hoping to but I am ill again Hoping to make the December one for a little pre-Christmas meet
  18. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. charlton x2 3. MrGRT 4. Supra-love x4 5. Mwilkinson x 2 6. samdale 7. Hamilton 8. Sheefa 9. ShawnPreece x 3 10. Kev.O 11. RobUk 12. djmakz x2 13. Fitz x2^ 14. Mellonman 15. ripped_fear 16. Noz 17. Style 18. Drift_bear x2 19. PJJ 20. Bayside_supra 21. WayneW 22. Mike2JZ 23. Chris Bailey 24. Delboy52 25. Fastphil666 26. Tayr 27. Timlowthian 28. Wheelynutz 29. Spunkmeyer 30. Foggy147 31. Raddys (x2) 32. Pf85 33. Ian ian x 2 34. Nathanj1142 (x3) 35. Axl x1 36. LuxLuc x2 37. Big Mark 38. Soopra 39. Crossy x2 40. JasonR24 x2 41. hamzahkhan 4
  19. I'm afraid I don't have access to the payment side of things so I can't check, otherwise I would. Branners might be able to help.
  20. Hello, did you get this resolved? I don't recall there being a 10 year membership option. I can see you had a subscription that ran from 07-01-09 to 07-01-10. To upgrade to lifetime membership you basically pay the difference between whatever you paid before and £30 - so if you paid £10 back in 2009, then pay £20 and you will have lifetime. However you will need a mod to do that manually for you.
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