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  1. 1. Mark C 2. Frank Bullitt 3. Herb 4. Supraleon
  2. 1. 214supra 2. Mark C 3. Frank Bullitt 4. Herb 5. Supraleon
  3. Quick update on this, we need at least 15 for an order as the minimum order quantity is 25, keep plugging
  4. **EDIT** following the facebook bluewater thread, this is not happening. No meet this month.
  5. Hey, who is going this Friday? We plan to be there as long as others are!
  6. Sorry, they have all gone. Happy to start an "interested" list, and if we get enough names I can order another batch 1. 214supra
  7. Grand! Most have been sent now, only the orders taken late last week are still to go out.
  8. OK, that is it! Sold out! I think Jackie still has 2 available from the NEC show.
  9. just replied to your pm, stock is very low so I will make sure I have enough left before asking for payment!
  10. I think it had a private plate, something like LX XXX, but I forgot already hahaha
  11. Anyone else who would like one, you can either pm me for payment details or there will be a limited number at the NEC show in November where you can purchase them directly.
  12. OK, update - sent a trial parcel via the cheaper option of myhermes, it wasn't ideal (took nearly 1 week) but it did arrive and wasn't damaged. I will amend the first post.
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