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Bournemouth Wheels 2015 May 30-31


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How much for hotel? Thinking we could stay seeing as its my birthday on the Monday after ��


Hotels are going to be up to you guys I think, most people are travelling to and from. However is Shawn could let us know where he booked I may book in too.

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DAMN! really mate? when will you know for sure as we are low on places anyway.

Right mate we have had a quick check on our finances, we will be joining you. Sorry for the panic. Just need to sort some accommodation out

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Hotels are going to be up to you guys I think, most people are travelling to and from. However is Shawn could let us know where he booked I may book in too.


I booked at the Wessex hotel mate https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/wessexhotel.en-us.html?aid=311076;label=postbooking_confemail;sid=adeff16dc147c93b1ecdbfab784899f8;dcid=4;ucfs=1;srfid=b2daf84c9748886798f92d642ec39c826d28e587X1 for the Friday night and the Saturday night

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Me & Kar are booked in this hotel as well now. I believe there is 2 more rooms available, maybe more with single rooms.

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Right everyone, If you can all take the time to read this through, and make a note of all information needed to prevent any problems occurring on the day.


So on the Plan will be the same for both days.


All stands have been asked to enter as a group, meaning we all have to meet up before hand. Now I'm expecting traffic to be rather bad on both days due to the event, and the influx in vehicles heading to the same destination.


If we can all meet in the Asda Car Park Postcode- BH8 8DL and we will be leaving the carpark at 7:30-7:45am. Just a heads up the carparks is a mutli story but looking on street view the gradient looks to be ok, but if any of you are concerned regarding ground clearance, then wait in the petrol station adjoining the car park, but spaces here are very limited. Unfortunately this is about the only place we can all meet locally beforehand. Sunday Asda will be shut so we can just wait on the entrance road as it will be empty.


Please allow a bit of time, as it will give us time to sort car passes for everyone, (which will need to be clearly displayed on entry, and if you wish grab some food for the day.


We will aim to arrive at boscombe pier entrance around 8-8:30am to avoid the que's, and gives us a while to sort our stand, set up flags, seating, signage, clean the cars etc etc.


The Show Will be open to the public from 10am onwards.


Cars are not permitted to move without a Marshall, so if you need to vacate the stand then please ask our local marshall for an escort, and then you will not be permitted back into the grounds for the duration of the day. We should be ok to move cars off the stand at 5pm but there is a possibility for slightly earlier but this wont be clarified until the day.


Below are some maps to show where we are heading and where to que on the day encase we get separated.





Can I also ask that everyone can send me a mobile number that you can be contacted on the day if needs be.


Other than that if everyone is able to bring a couple of fold out chairs so we have somewhere to sit, you should all be good for the weekend.


Any questions please ask




Regarding the evening if everyone fancies going out for a meal on the Saturday evening please can you formulate another list, and I will approach a restaurant over the next couple of days for booking a big table.


map 2.jpg

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Any spaces going for this? Potentially I may be down here that weekend.... Can confirm in next few days or so

Hi mate.


If you can confirm if you can defiantly make it I will contact the organisers and try my best.

Can't guarantee at such short notice I'm afraid.

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