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  1. It's gone to a classic car collector down in Hertfordshire so hopefully it'll be in good company
  2. Yep this happened the day I left to come home. By all accounts one of the Porsches had a coolant leak and that's what caused the crash. It had been a great weekend up until that point and the 911's had been putting in some amazing laps from Friday all through the weekend. Such a shame for all involved.
  3. Hi sorry, weather has been atrocious up here, I'll fire them over within the next 24 hours. Once again please accept my apologies Gordy
  4. Reluctantly up for sale: 1994 Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo I have owned this car for over three years now and it has been in the U.K. for over 12 years with only one previous owner who was also a forum member. It has been ultra reliable and looked after no matter the cost, being serviced every year with additional oil changes every six months. This is a very good example for a 24 year old car which is only up for sale due to personal circumstances. Details and Mods: Colour: 199 Silver. Engine: 3.0 litre 2JZ GTE stock engine. Auto box (don't be put off by this, I originally wanted
  5. I'll be in the Roadster but can do...
  6. Hi Junk Trunk, yes, whilst not officially listed my full BPU TT Auto is on the market. It's a genuine reason for sale, and it's been a club car for over 12 years with me only being the second owner in the U.K. Drop me a PM for full details if you're interested Thanks
  7. I'd love to but I'm at the Nurburgring the weekend after so can't commit to both unfortunately.
  8. *** T - Minus 12 hours ! ***
  9. Not long now guys and gals! 0809 at Intu Braehead on Friday morning! There will be a fuel stop if anyone requires it but if you're all topped up the night before that would be even better! Remember your cameras, midge nets and banter! See you all soon!
  10. Alright dude, so I spoke with the Skyewalker today and there is absolutely no rooms left available, not even in the dorms. They said there may be cancellations but there's also the ferry bookings to consider as I don't know if the crossing is fully booked yet either. I'll drop the Skywalker an email and tell them to give us a heads up on any cancellations and worst case scenario they can drive back and not get the ferry. Best I can do sorry.
  11. Thanks....this was just as I broke down lol No McDonalds for me, my alternator had just died hahahahahaha!
  12. Anyone who hasn't been in on the messenger chat who wants a Trip Polo or T shirt, order is going in tomorrow, drop me a PM if you're interested!
  13. Two months to go people! 2 months time and we'll be winging our way around the Highlands and Islands again! I'll fire up a full itinerary in a few weeks and if anyone has any questions in the mean time, feel free to ask! Cheers again Gordy
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