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    BPU Question

    Take front inlet pipe off, grab nose of compressor wheel and wiggle, it shouldn’t have lots of side to side or thrust movement, also Check for oil on inlet and charge side of turbos Hard to tell sometimes if you still have crank case breathing into the inlet Dnk’s original advice is the best imo, and for intercooler to support 400ish bhp you don’t want bigger than 3” core really, and I’d stick with stock charge pipe size other wise you increase the charge side lag considerably with no gain as you’ll only ever need 400 levels of flow and cooling
  2. Apologies for poor autocorrect as written with sausage fingers on iPhone
  3. It’s a me mario , well Mark aka pulley actually Efficiency is the word, bigger turbines/ compressor wheels are more efficient and with the latest billet comp wheels the spinning mass weighs very little and coupled with the correct small hotside housing and volume of runner configuration a single will spook very quickly And be more reliable than machining out the ct20 turbo I have access to an engine dyna cell and my background is small jet engine development/flow dynamics so turbo work is in my line Which is why I decided to play with my ct20 setup to initially optimise it as it’s only r
  4. Message sent about dead turbos, possibly grab them at ace cafe meet?
  5. That’s pretty much spot on dunk
  6. 1. Shane - M240UKN 2. Paul 887 - P768AWY 3. MattDavies - M7DXX 4. Mplavery. N10SUP 5. ripped_fear K84 YHG 6. Mellonman - N941NGT 7.Trevor : L192WPX 8. Andrew K - L474 NMJ 9. X13MGR — N482SVY 10. Shane34 - L668LHN 11. J-Meiser - L178 YNV 12. Bayside_supra K55UPE 13. Pulley - L954 SGW I’ll be there if I’m able
  7. Car looks stunning! Love the engine bay, the polished aluminium and white really pops The turret tops really suit it
  8. This is typically a fantastic build from lee,Srd I love the engine bay, so clean and attention to detail Top job!
  9. Thanks matey I enjoy making stuff for my supra
  10. Divided 6262 or similar Streetable power quick spooling I'm not looking to break barriers with bhp levels, just have fast responsive usable power
  11. Cheers james, your parts are looking sexy mate
  12. Got them all powdercoated, stripped the tb
  13. Trimmed the side sections and changed the mounting hardware/fixture type , not much tbh james as they were well made which is why I bought them from srd rather than template and fabricate them myself (being lazy) I'd say the srd ones off-the-shelf are spot on, I would recommend buying them powdercoated though (I fitted mine, then removed, powder coated them)
  14. Refurbed my tb and plenum/runners and injectors, added my own badge sticker too which I think looks cool Fitted my slightly modded SRD undertrays that I powdercoated black Made mounting brackets and fitted the mishi intercooler, fabricated the pipework ect Also mishi radiator as stock one was looking out of place lol Refurbed and welded an fittings to my cam covers to go with my catch can
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