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  1. They are certainly not an outrageous size to be fair. But I would have concerns as to the make and model , especially in the wet, my experience of these is they are good ditch finders in the damp / wet.
  2. borrow a set of wheels and tyres like the car was designed to run on (17 inch with the correct offset, and the correct width and profile tyres). If the issue disappears then whoever flogged you the rims and tyres sold you stuff unsuitable for the correct operation of the car. IMO the cars are horrible on 19 inch rims and tyres, manageable OK on 18 inch, very nice on 17 inch, and in difficult wet or slippery conditions and poor road surfaces, a dream on 16 inch. But appearance usurps practicality in many cases, hence the sweaty palm, whoooah, where's it going now feeling driving poorly modde
  3. Lay the head gasket on the head, if the corrosion does not encroach under the gasket it will be OK. The crack(s) in the wastegate seat are typical, you will be hard pressed to find used turbos that are not cracked. That crack is not severe and won't affect the wastegate sealing. The crack(s) will get worse though... Now, take the old head gasket, find the rivets that hold the laminations together. You can clearly see one of them in your photo. Drill them all out and separate the gasket into its laminations. Clean them all in something like petrol or cellulose thinners. Examine the
  4. Round the back of the head, are two steel pipes, going to rubber and back to steel, they feed the pressure vessel, one may be off, loose or split. With the engine in they are a nightmare to get at, you have to work by feel. Get some bandages ready for your grazed hands and wrists. have fun...
  5. If the TB is worn and leaky blanking off the PCV valve can help reduce closed throttle air flow, but you need to vent the grommet in the cam cover to a pipe and catch tank as it will emit some oil droplets. I remove the PCV on all my long term car engines as inhaling its own fumes is bad for the engine, (although venting them to atmo could be said by the Greens as being bad for the environment. Your call on that...) The price of a new TB may help you decide though
  6. It doesn't really HELP closure, the opposite in fact, it slows closure by adding resistance.
  7. It should hold boost PRESSURE for operation of parts of the turbo control system during periods of engine operation under conditions of intake vacuum.
  8. Thanks TRD-1, received it earlier, many thanks, that's a great help, cheers.
  9. You'd have to remove the casting it is inside, (exhaust mid section or second CAT off, first cat or decat pipe off, then difficult to reach nuts to drop the casting with the flap in from the turbos and you may need to remove remove the O2 sensor to clear the steering column shaft. I made a special spanner to remove the awkward nut. Risk of stud breaking, nuts seizing, personal injury, bad language, unexpected expenses.... I can't remember if the thing uses pressure or vacuum to open, but to test it you need to apply one or the other to the capsule. If 9PSI above atmospheric won't open it, o
  10. That's the CAT overheat sensor in case someone puts leaded fuel in it. It's a simple K type thermocouple inside a metal probe and can be tied up out of the way, I usually drill the return flange on the chassis rail and tye wrap it up there, although you can stuff it behind the cat heat shield and hope for the best
  11. EGT sensors are fitted BEFORE the first cat on Jap spec TT models. I don't recall having seen any NA Jap specs with an oxygen sensor after any cat either, just UK /EU model TT's A photo or two showing the thing, the number of wires to it and its location would be interesting.
  12. Thank you, I'm still here and battling on, quite busy actually, despite "social distancing" Hopefully once we see if this vaccine gives elderly people and NHS staff two heads we can re-box this gift from China and send it back with "a thanks for nowt" note attached, and the the bill
  13. All the stainless braided flexible BRAKE hoses I have seen are Teflon lined, there may be air hoses and suchlike in -3 that have a nitrile or somesuch liner but I have never come across them. Stuff like Goodridge and Aeroquip -3 is Teflon lined.
  14. Need to speak by phone with DavidP, lost his number, can anyone help please? Come in DavidP, you are needed Thanks.
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