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About Me

  1. Hi All, After the stock wing on a mk4 supra. Preferably in 199 silver. Can collect from Yorkshire area, or will pay delivery. Thanks! Nathan.
  2. I use ToWeb as my website design software, it is really the best I've ever tried for ease of use and breadth of features (and I have used some much more expensive software in the past). It's an incredibly cost effective package (PRO pack Euro24.50 with discount) already but they have emailed me a 50% discount coupon which is no use to me as I'm already using the latest version. So if someone is looking for an upgrade or could use a really good web design package PM and I'll send you the single use code. Coupon valid to 26/11. ToWeb site
  3. Free to collect. Removed this FENIX alloy radiator from vvti manual , it's slightly higher than stock. To install this you would need to remove the bottom rubber mount. Collection only...... new vegas fun quests https://i.postimg.cc/P52f5FWp/IMG-20190909-123417.jpg
  4. No idea what brand this is, came on the car and was very quiet on the NA. Now off car and will be going to scrap unless anyone wants it in the next week. Its located hear Huntingdon Cambs
  5. Hi does any one have a set of uk brakes for sale for a na manual please
  6. Getting rid of this veilside rear bumper. I do not have time to sort out postage right now, so please don't PM me offering to pay postage or anything. The bumper does have some damage, which I have pictured. The crack is on the drivers side. I'm in Medway in Kent. [ATTACH=CONFIG]225206[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]225207[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]225208[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]225209[/ATTACH]
  7. Hi Guys, Just tidying my office space up at home and i've found some blue tinted plastic which is used to convert the supra clock/odometer to a blue light. I have 4 pieces available which should be enough to do both the clock and odometer. Just cover the postage £1.50 for me and they are free.
  8. Got my old door shell in the garage, might b usefuel to someone? rust around the edges...will sand out, and lots of door dings from the years gone. Free to collect from northampton, thought id offer it here instead of just running it down the tip.
  9. No pm's or dibs for somebody else. First person to say they want it in this thread gets it, the person that gets it has to use it. For Club members only. Jamie.
  10. As above have the lower part to the bench seat in jspec leatherette. It has gone a bit brittle and torn slightly, and only any good for someone looking to do a re-trim. If anyone wants it then you can have it for Free if collected in the next week one evening.
  11. Hi Guys. Strange situation, bit of a rant almost. We gave some of our old furniture to my wifes friend who had just been forced to move house, but not having a house to goto, they had a new house in the works, we said we'd help them out as they didnt have much cash. Now they eventually have their house, this furniture we gave them (for free) wont fit, fair enough, bring it us back and we will move it on. No, they are making us collect the furniture and refuse to bring it to us, and say they cannot afford to keep the storage cost going and will charge us for it!. even though they ha
  12. Removed from my Supra. Good condition but will require Respray. FREE FOR COLLECTION ONLY DERBY
  13. I'm giving away my 1992 Honda Concerto. Good points: MOT til 26th June low miles - 68k not let me down once in a year of ownership bad points needs back box sun roof leaks needs paint dent in rear drivers door Would make ideal project car Car is in GU21 and is collection only (I mean it is free) https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xat1/v/t1.0-9/12079472_10153716300748928_2912941448338277075_n.jpg?oh=fcfd876dfdfbb554bbef2ddda511fb2c&oe=576CDB31
  14. Free veilside spoiler to anyone who wants to collect! Based near Rugby, Warwickshire.
  15. Anyone wanting my place at the Scottish car show then pm me or Westy I won't be at it now due to it clashing with the S club party that weekend
  16. I have a front spoiler switch one button has a crack in it but worked fine collection from southend if anyone wants it
  17. Free to anybody that wants to collect. There are 4 corner and 1 middle
  18. Hello all I have a sheet of small caliper decals that are free to anyone that wants them. Thanks Dom
  19. Due to moving house i have a rather large fishtank i no longer require, this stands around 6ft high on its base and around 3ft 3 wide. It has an under tank sump. I had is set up as a marine tank and comes complete with hood, lights, heaters, skimmer, pumps/power heads. Total water volume is around 450 litres. Completely free of charge just needs to be collected from M29 postcode area. Has been stood for a while... [ATTACH=CONFIG]208549[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]208550[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]208551[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]208552[/ATTACH]
  20. Free to who ever wants it. Removed yesterday to fit aftermarket exhaust. Need this gone really, Pretty good condition. No damage to chrome tail pipe. Slight hole in right back box but this can be welded, size of a 5 pence coin. Appart from that, good condition. Collection only. Thought i would try on here before its going to the scrap yard. cheers chris
  21. OEM Electric drivers seat and buckle. Good condition, F/R adjuster motor works perfectly, although the lever for back rest angle has come off. Perfect for salvaging the motor to fix another seat. Collection only from Wellingborough NN8. Adam
  22. J-spec cloth front seats. Passenger seat has immaculate covers, no holes or wear whatsoever...drivers seat has excellent motors etc, make a good drivers seat out of the 2. I have taken the rear inbourd 2 bolt mounts off each seat for my Leather seats to fit them but if you do what I suggest above then you can simply swap the runner over from your original seat when you go to fit your spanking new rebuilt seat! Collection only from Durham area please. You have until next Saturday morning/lunchtime and then they go to the tip.
  23. na dizzy (gone) pulley na throttle body complete ( gone) pulley na coil (gone) pulley na ignitor (gone) pulley rad hooks (gone )dodgyrog prefacelift clock (gone ) dodgy rog front steel cross member lower rad panel rear suspension top plates and covers. alloy front crossmember na throttle cable (gone) dodgyrog cruise control ecu fuel tank link arms ruber parts for manual gear surround rubber part for handbrake lever (gone) dodgy rog tailgate/boot rubber (gone )dodgyrog horn internal trim plastics lower glove box basicly most of what you can see in the pics in
  24. http://img.tapatalk.com/56883742-074c-f20a.jpgChaps, I have available, to the first person who asks, a Brodit (http://www.brodit.se) phone holder which attaches to the driver side pillar (between drivers window and windscreen to be clear). Note this is only HALF of the full holder, the part which is designed for a supra specifically. You will still need to buy the other part which screws into this and suits your specific phone. This bit is about £20 normally. Perfect condition except for the 4 screwhols on the plate obviously, but since your new screws will fill them, it's perfect I do
  25. Both Front seats from a JSpec with 80k. Seats are in perfect working order and just need a wipe over. Unfortunately drivers side motor makes noise but will not move the seat backward and forward, recline motor still works.... Free if they will help someone out. Collection from Cheslyn hay, Walsall Or arrange your own courier Josh
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