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  1. Have you tried Keron or Garage D?
  2. I agree with Swampy. Unfortunately, I’d say that’s bottom end
  3. Drop me a text with some details, please Matt
  4. Barry, I’m not sure what your obsession with the ghost mode is - you realise it’s not mod specific and you can also do it, don’t you?
  5. £££££££££££
  6. Wanted; Set of GTE non VVTi cam covers Must not be cracked or compromised Preferably stock finish and not powder coated Happy to consider any that have been adapted for AN fittings. Thanks, Josh
  7. Hi All, Im looking for an OEM exhaust heat shield (the one that sits above the back box). Must be in good condition with minimal rust. WHY? Thanks, Josh
  8. I think I may have finally got to the bottom of this (thanks to a random post from a member on here!). The Walbro 450lph pulls too much power for the stock wiring and therefore the wiring needs to be upgraded. I also need to install an inline relay. Once i've done this, i'll load the 450lph map back onto the car and try again, fingers crossed!
  9. I would tend to disagree. Having only been involved with the trader memberships since July last year, I have not “peddled out” the same excuses previously. I’ve certainly not sat on this for years, as you so eloquently put it. Had you bothered to read my initial post in full, rather than selectively reading it, you will see that I justified my comment regarding COVID by explaining that companies (in some instances) are not prepared/are unable to part with cash when their own finances are unstable/their business has seen unprecedented levels of disruption. This is nothing to do with phone
  10. I In answer to your question of “how hard is it to spend time looking for new traders”, surprisingly hard. We’re not looking to open the gates to anyone who’s once wielded a spanner. It’s about finding the right people, who offer something to the forum. Look at the likes of SRD as an example. Committed to delivering impeccable service and engaging on a technical level with the member base. You also need to take into account the impact of COVID on people’s finances and therefore their ability to justify spending money to take on trader membership. I took on the res
  11. I’m going through exactly this at the moment. I keep telling myself not to sell, but the urge to buy an R35 GTR is winning at the moment.
  12. Lovely car and great to see a true comparison of performance. I’m a fan of the MKV, but it just doesn’t scream flagship to me like the MKIV does. If it were a flagship, Toyota wouldn’t taint it with a 2.0
  13. Welcome aboard! Always good to hear from new owners. as above, get some pictures up.... we may recognise the car.
  14. Hi Karl, Strangely, I have a set of 6 complete with rods. Give me a shout if you’re interested!
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