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[table=head;sort=1,2,5]Name|ECU|Trans|Turbo|Mapped By|Rating|Result|Notes

Wez|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|PHR S1|Ryan.G|10/10|592bhp 520ftlbs|1.5Bar HKS264/264 VPower

Scott M|Mines|Manual|Stock|Mines|10/10|waiting|1.2Bar Stock JSpec

heckler|AEM|Manual|PHR Street|Matt AFR Tuning|||1.4Bar HKS264/264 Cast Manifold

leelbuk|AEM|Manual|Bullseye S362 Billet|Ryan.G|10/10|624bhp 520ftlbs|1.5Bar Whifbitz 264/264

Tenttu|HKS F-Con v Pro|Manual|Holset HX50 MFS|AMWorks|???|708PS 832Nm|1.44Bar VPower stock engine

bignum|AEM|Manual|PHR Stage 2|Ryan.G|10/10|572bhp 570ftlbs|Journal

Dc-Automotive|HKS F-Con v Pro|Manual|HKS T04R|Geoff Worx|10/10|490bhp 415ftlbs|1.2Bar 0.98ar exhaust

Stonkin|E-manage Ultimate|Auto|PT 6262 Billet|Ryan.G|10/10|520bhp 530ftlbs|1.5Bar UK Cams

skyludeboy|HKS F-Con v Pro|Manual|HKS T51r|Ryan.G|10/10|562bhp 480ftlbs|1.2bar

cwtt|HKS F-Con v Pro|Manual|BL T67|Justin Nenni|10/10|651bhp 550ft/lbs

Chap|Power FC|Manual|Stock TTC|Ryan.G|10/10|421bhp 440ftlbs|Stock Engine 1.15Bar

gledo1970|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|GT4094R DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|708bhp 580ft/lbs

AshBhp|AEM|Manual|HKS T51 kai BB|Ryan.G|10/10|655bhp 535ft/lbs

imi|AEM|Manual|BL T61 DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|555bhp 490ftlbs

LoFET|AEM 2|Manual|PHR Stage 2|PPF in Sweden|9/10|518bhp 600nm|1.5Bar HKS272/272 98ron

uk rich|MOTEC M600|Manaul|PHR2+|Noble Motorsport soon to change|???|waiting

b.weeks|AEM|Manual|PHR Stage 2 (GT62)|Paul Whiffin|10/10|599bhp 500ftlbs

SimonB|MOTEC M600|Manual|T6776 DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|673bhp 525ftlbs|1.5Bar 0.82ar exhaust built engine

Nic|HKS F-Con V Pro|Manual|Garrett GT3582R|HKS Pro dealer|10/10|542.7PS

SteveL|Power FC|Manual|PHR S1+|Paul Whiffin|10/10|576bhp 450ftlbs

Jazzy|AEM|Manual|T61|Ryan.G|10/10|566bhp 480ftlbs

Muffleman|AEM|Manual|Blitz K5-660R|Dan, being remapped soon||

StuartW|AEM|Manual|T67 DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|592bhp 502ftlbs|HKS 264/264

suprab|AEM|Manual|GT35r|Ryan.G|10/10|492bhp 490ftlbs

suprab|AEM|Manual|BW 91/79|Ryan.G|10/10|632bhp 550ftlbs|1.5Bar 264/264 Cams

Chingy|HKS F-Con v Pro |Manual|HKS T04Z|Mr Ito - DoLuck|10/10|607bhp 550ftlbs

TLicense|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Blitz twins|Ryan.G|10/10|637bhp 536ftlbs|1.7Bar 0.54ar Exhaust HKS264/264 CW SMIC

bonus 2000|AEM|Manual|BL T67DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|644bhp 520ftlbs

DanDan|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|PT 6776DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|621bhp 589ftlbs|1.7Bar Cast Manifold Stock Cams

Dash Rendar|Power FC|Manual|BL T67DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

Steve|Syvecs S6|Manual|BW 91-83 67mm|Ryan.G|10/10|875bhp 600ftlbs|Built Engine

Fish|AEM|Manual|Garrett GT2835 twins|Paul Whiffin - racemap|10/10|675bhp ???ftlbs

Fish|AEM|Manual|Garrett GT2835 twins|Dimitri - roadmap|10/10|n/a

Luxluc|AEM|Manual|BW 91-79|Ryan.G|10/10|767bhp 632ftlbs|1.8Bar 0.91A/R HKS264/264 VPower Greddy Intake

Kopite (VVTi)|AEM RACE|Manual|SP73|Dan, remap next week|???|waiting

Ian C|E-manage Ultimate|Manual|BL T67DBB|Ian C|10/10|

MagicTorch|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Stock JSpec TTC|Ryan.G|10/10|431bhp 440ftlbs

Terminator|AEM|Manual|GT74DBB Obiwan|Martin/MBAuto|10/10|waiting

Suprafan72|AEM|Manual|HKS T51|Dan|0/10|waiting

Suprafan72|LinkPlus G3|Manual|HKS T51|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|BL T67DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|632bhp 545ftlbs|1.8Bar Stock Cams

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Billet T6765H|Ryan.G|10/10|731bhp 580ftlbs|1.8Bar JUN 256/256

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Billet T7675H|Ryan.G|10/10|738rhhp 593ftlbs|1.8Bar SRD Built Engine

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Billet T7675H|Ryan.G|10/10|830bhp 660ftlbs|1.8Bar SRD Built Engine GSC 269

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Billet T7675H|Ryan.G|10/10|895bhp 800ftlbs|2Bar SRD Built Engine GSC 269

JamieP|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|Billet GT42-76|Ryan.G|10/10|1148bhp 811ftlbs|2.2Bar SRD Built Engine SRD 280

Gamer|MOTEC M600|Manual|T71GTQ|Dan|???|waiting

Paul Whiffin|AEM|Manual|Garrett GT42RS|Paul Whiffin|10/10|850bhp 600ftlbs

Foodfreak|HKS F-Con V Pro|Manual|BL T61|Reg Reimer|???|waiting

GazB|LinkPlus G3|Manual|Billet B4040|Thor|9/10|517bhp 472ftlbs

Tooquicktostop|AEM|Manual|HKS T04R|Dan, died on dyno, Phoenix Rebuilding|???|waiting

gaz1|AEM|Manual|GT4088|Dan, Ryan G to remap when finished|2/10|n/a

gaz1|AEM|Manual|T67|Ryan.G|10/10|615bhp 480ftlbs

Branners|E-manage Blue|Manual|BL T61|Ian C|10/10|waiting

Matt Harwood|E-manage Blue|Manual|BL T67|Matt Harwood|???|waiting

B'have|Power FC|Manual|GT4088|Ryan.G|10/10|610bhp 500ftlbs

Grahamc|Linkplus G3|Manual|Hybrid TT's|Thor, Remapped by Ryan.G|10/10|451bhp 435ftlbs

Supradibbs|Power FC|Manual|T78|Ryan.G|10/10|598bhp 447ftlbs

Jake|MOTEC M600|Manual|GT4088|Dan, Remapped by Ryan.G|???|waiting

Pig|AEM|Manual|T61|TDI|6/10|514bhp 443ftlbs


MikeB|HKS F-Con V Pro|Manual|GT4088R|Reg Reimer|???|waiting

dazz|Power FC|Manual|T-78|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

Chiefgroover|AEM|Manual|T04Z|Dimitri|10/10|676bhp 489ftlbs

Cheekymonkey|Power FC|Manual|Stock TTC|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

Kslb|AEM|Manual|GT67 DBB|Dan, poor cold starts, needs remap|5/10|waiting

Kslb|AEM|Manual|GT67 DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting


Jevansio|AEM|Manual|T67 DBB Billet|Ryan.G|10/10|640bhp 500ftlbs|1.4Bar HKS264/264 VPower

Marty|AEM|Manual|SP T67|Dan|5/10|waiting

Supra61|Power FC|Manual|Stock|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

vvteye|OMEX 710|Manual|GT4088R|Ryan.G|10/10|577bhp 515ftlbs

Lebsteif|Linkplus G3|Manual|BL T61|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

johnd-mkiv|Power FC|Manual|PHR GT60|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

Lee P|AEM|Manual|2835 Twins|Ryan.G|10/10|825bhp(hub) 627ftlbs|1.9Bar VPower+Xylene

michel lane|AEM|Manual|SP74DBB|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

M5W TT|AEM|Manual|Whifbitz T67|Ryan.G|???|waiting

nigelboyne|HKS F-Con v Pro|Manual|Stock UK|TDi|9/10|435bhp(hub) 435ftlbs[/url]|1.4Bar

Geo|AEM|Manual|PT T67|Ryan.G|10/10|530bhp 490ftlbs

Geo|Syvecs S6GP|Manual|PT T67|Ryan.G|10/10|712bhp 659ftlbs|1.7bar nonDBB .68ar

Tannhauser|AEM|Manual|BL T61|Ryan.G|10/10|556bhp 512ftlbs|HKS 264/264

knightrider|AEM|Manual|GT35R|Martyn|10/10|522bhp 502ftlbs



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[table=head;sort=1,2,5]Name|ECU|Trans|Turbo|Mapped By|Rating|Result|Notes

G-Nemie|AEM FIC|Auto|TT Hybrids|Ryan.G|10/10|426bhp 410ftlbs|very hot day

Stonkin|E-manage Ultimate|Auto|PT 6262 Billet|Ryan.G|10/10|520bhp 530ftlbs|1.5Bar UK Cams

KazzS|Syvecs S6GP|Auto|T61|Ryan.G|10/10|540bhp 550ftlbs|1.4Bar Stock Cams

hogmaw|AEM FIC|Auto|OEM J Spec|Ryan.G|?|408bhp 390ftlbs|1.1Bar

Jamesy|Syvecs S6GP|Boostlogic Auto|Billet 6765H|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting|1.8Bar SRD S2 Cams

Glennk|Syvecs S6GP|Auto|BW 91/79|Ryan.G|10/10|559bhp 560ftlbs|1.3Bar Whifbitz Twin Scroll Manifold 0.91 A/R

DB (2JZ aristo)|AEM|Auto|BL T67DBB|Dan|???|waiting

Robert (aristo)|AEM|Auto|SP61|Dan, remap by RyanG |10/10|waiting

J80leo|E-manage Blue|Auto|GT4088R|HyperSR|8/10|waiting

tDR|MAP ECU2|BL Auto PI4k TC|OEM J Spec|tDR|???|waiting

Lui|E-manage Ultimate|Auto|PHR Street Kit|Ryan.G|10/10|507bhp 475ftlbs

RobAce|E-manage Ultimate|Auto|T61|Ian C|???|waiting

B'have|E-manage Ultimate|Auto|PHR S1|Ian C|10/10|waiting

rob wild|AEM|Auto BL3200TC|PHR S1|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

Suprahuman|AEM|BL Auto 3800 Stall|GT35R|Ryan.G|10/10|waiting

yoshi_v300|TOMS|Auto|Stock TT|Denso - Japan|7/10|waiting



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Guest yoshi_v300

I'm running TOMS TECS ecu on my 2JZ-GTE Aristo.


It advances the ignition timing and definitely gives better low down 2000rpm response, revs a bit quicker also.


Boost seems to be set to 1.0bar max. and I presume a better fuel map. Fuel economy unchanged.

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I'm running TOMS TECS ecu on my 2JZ-GTE Aristo.


It advances the ignition timing and definitely gives better low down 2000rpm response, revs a bit quicker also.


Boost seems to be set to 1.0bar max. and I presume a better fuel map. Fuel economy unchanged.


These are not mappable are they.

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