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  1. That was always my plan but prices in the UK have gotten crazy too can’t believe I sold mine 8 years ago for 27k
  2. Hey guy all good here in Texas. Hoped to be back in a supra by now but the market is insane here can’t touch one for less the 50k and as much as I love the car can’t see me putting 70-80k into a 25 year old Car that’s GTR or mustang GT 350 money.
  3. Just came by to say hi!
  4. One trip i never got to make before leaving blighty
  5. On supraforums i know people are looking for these but cant remember who? http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?692545-FS.-The-unthinkable...-Do-Luck-Double-Six-or-CCW-505A
  6. Was at lees today looks like Steve is having a lot of work done to his supra
  7. When i built that supra for that guy i did a custom breather setup just went down there and got all the fittings i needed -12. You should see the place is ridicalous
  8. Oh dear and summit racing is about 30 mins from my house
  9. Should of said about the fittings fella am back in the Uk in about 2 weeks could of brought them over for you
  10. I remember that night, that was me filming that was the good old days
  11. Lee we need to discuss getting some of your products state side that is some seriously impressive work, as Hodge said that looks to be by far the best design for ease of accsess
  12. Where abouts in the states are you?
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