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  1. Making the exhaust more freer flowing and upping the boost pressure can cause the turbo oil seals to start leaking,
  2. What mpg are you currently getting? When were the oxygen sensors last replaced? new sensors and a service would ensure you’re getting the best from the stock setup.
  3. J-spec (NA & TT) = GSS342 Walbro 255 UK Spec = GSS341 Walbro 255
  4. It would cost £10K's if not £100K's to tool up for such large headlights, you would never recoup the investment and make any profit.
  5. Nic

    US Trip

    I wouldn't unbox the camshafts they are quite brittle and can break, I'd wrap the boxes in a load of bubble wrap if bringing them back as check in luggage.
  6. Nic

    Exhaust Advice

    The stock 2nd cat has been removed and replaced with a straight through pipe. Not sure what the part is that's clamped at each end, it's not stock but judging by it's size it could be an aftermarket sports cat. That pic doesn't show the first cat it is up between the 2nd cat and the exhaust manifold. This pic from the EPC shows the stock first cat 17460B and second cat 17410.
  7. Nic

    Exhaust Advice

    The Blitz NUR S for the NA only replaces the rear back box, it is designed to bolt up to the stock mid pipe. It gives the NA a little more of a throaty exhaust note without being too loud. See here http://www.blitz-uk.co.uk/store/exhaust-system/ Blitz make a version of the Blitz NUR R (full cat back exhaust) for the NA, it has an additional silencer on the mid pipe compared to the TT version to keep the Db level down to 'reasonable' levels. There must be someone on here with one fitted that may be able to post a video. Does your car have the stock cats fitted? Decat pipes also make a bi
  8. The HKS turbo heat shield is designed to fit the T4 T04Z which is made by Garrett. https://www.nengun.com/hks/turbine-heat-shield
  9. I use to run a 3" titanium GReddy (Japan) exhaust on mine, beautiful quality, very light in weight and sounded great, here's a quick clip of it (ignore the rattly PAS pump bearing!) [video=youtube;hU5M-MZcSbI]
  10. Tanabe Touring Medalion and Blitz NUR Spec RX are 2 of the quietest off the shelf exhausts available.
  11. http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?249089-Supra-Brake-setups
  12. Amuse make titanium exhausts for the Supra under the name 'TITAN'. If you can find and post up the JASMA number (should be somewhere on the exhaust) that will confirm who the manufacturer is. http://www.webamuse.co.jp/new/products/r1_titan.html#TOYOTA
  13. Nic

    Exhaust bungs

    Do a search for 'heat resistant lock nuts', you could also use some thread lock and a sprung washer. Have you considered swapping the exhaust or getting an additional silencer welded in?
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