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  1. What way does this work is it a drive or meet etc? - - - Updated - - - What way does this work is it a drive or meet etc?
  2. Has it been sitting for 3yrs? Check Plugs and the battery also good service fresh oil and filter and fuel then a good drive usually sorts it.
  3. Just thought I'd add my 2pence worth here, I been in same boat over years and almost let mine go few times, main reason was lack of use also the running cost a fair bit higher over here in Ireland insurance road tax can be up to 3k a yr. I had good long think bout it and came to conclusion why store put away something or sell (unless finances forces) something that we truly love and cherish, I love my daily driver gs 250 f sport and on city center local errands etc is my choice, but I know if supra wasn there anymore I'd be deeply unhappy, the feeling these cars give you on longer motorway b r
  4. Blueprint is spot on very high quality filter
  5. 2nd that been using Lexus v8 filter last 10yrs no issue.
  6. My UK spec has the 2nd cat in passes the nct/mot emission tests till makes over 400hp and 20psi 1.4 bar boost the car is quiter but there is small amount of throttle response lost.
  7. We had similar problems in ireland with guys removing the dpf in the diesel s, even though they pass emissions was straight fail. What guys did was knock the inside out them put them back on and remap, the tester can't see inside.
  8. Supras will pass the emissions test with just 2nd cat in as long as the car is hot. The intercooler yes your correct overkill for bpu, but once bpu only matter time before single imo. Lots ways to go bpu it's all down to personal choice I guess.
  9. Healthy engine should make 400ish up, my dyno at bpu
  10. Fisrt thing take the 1st cat out leave 2nd cat in for mot/nct emissions test you will only loose few hp and little bit response.2 upgrade the intercooler I went hks type r. 3 boost controller and fuel cut to raise the boost roughly 1.2 bar 17psi. That with the exhaust should give you 80to 100hp gain. Dyno graph mine
  11. Is anyone running the smaller sxe 257/258, thinking bout going single looking for similar spool to bpu with 100hp more 530ish up.
  12. To pass emissions yes your correct will pass with just 2nd cat in , however you need the car very hot to pass at idle, so once your nct/mot passed that should be fine ie road worthy and hence no problems with insurance
  13. Autoline very good but again must have 2nd car.
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