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  1. Thanks for all the well wishes guys, I'm very excited ! Gonna be finding out in a week or so Did drop you a message bookface mate
  2. Hi Guys, Right, all sorted. This is exactly what is going on with AFR. As you all know, John is back at austec in Crawley. AFR Tuning UK will be continuing under John and Paul from Crawley. As for me, well I am off to very different shores ! I have agreed to relocate to Minneapolis in America, and I have taken a 50% share in a tuning company in Minneapolis. The company there will be rebranded as AFR Tuning USA, or similar, and I will be working from there. The company I am working with has a full retail parts website, so we will be offering very nicely priced parts for you all
  3. AFR Tuning will be coming off the forum as a trader. We will still be going but not as a trader on here. Many thanks to all for their custom in the past.
  4. I know what you mean as we've just broken up our Impreza, but that had no history etc. Don't think I could do it.
  5. MOT'd this morning, will be taxed tomorrow. Took some better pics at the weekend albeit still with an iPhone Will be going on the dreaded ebay at the weekend
  6. No worries. It plugs into the Defi controller that goes with the gauges and so shows information on anything that goes to the Defi boost controller. Looks like this And info from Defi's website here http://www.defi-shop.com/products/end/vsd_x/summary_vsdx/
  7. Found one from 2004 with the early front bumper and silver wheels. http://www.deepvision.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=13&pos=80 And again at about 3:30 Just looking for the later show with the later style bumper on the car now and gold alloys Original sale page on Trials website http://www.trial.co.jp/osaka/export/stock/stock_cars/supra/supra.htm
  8. Thanks Adam, yeah I hope it stays in the UK but had a lot of response from the pistonheads ad. If it didn't need the vinyls redoing etc then I would have it up for £20k.
  9. I will have a look mate Right, will answer PMs etc Basically the car was sold but the money hasn't arrived yet, and until it does then it's for sale
  10. Ah gotcha, will email pics matey Got quite a few emails from PH already
  11. It's about 650fwhp, quarter mile terminal was 126mph on a complete road setup
  12. I *think* this was done by Trig on the forum, always made me smile http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/forums/thread/737034.aspx
  13. Cheers dude, she's a real one off I know what you mean mate given the history, but she's such a great road\track car it would be a bit of a shame There will certainly never be another like it, I usually hate graphics, and I can guarantee if I put graphics on a car it would like awful But this just looks the nuts, and the attention it gets is amazing ! Always puts a smile on my face
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