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Possible Meet/Barbeque Sometime?!

Peter P

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Hey all,


I'm based near Saffron Walden which is close to both Cambridge and Bishops Stortford and near the Stansted Airport Junction of the M11.


My local pub 'The Fighting Cocks' (no rude comments please!:D ) do a lot of fundraising for Essex Air Ambulance and have a reputation in the motorbike world as a biker friendly pub!


Basically, they have a large car park suitable for at least 40 cars and a nice pub garden which we could use as well as barbeque facilities and even a hog roast!!! :)


If I can get some feedback on possible numbers then I can have a word with the landlady and see if we can organise something for a Saturday or Sunday sometime this summer?


I thought a donation of £10 per person for Essex Air Ambulance and say a burger or hotdog included for that price with everyone buying their own drinks and any other food would be a fair deal??


Would be a good opportunity to get a group of enthusiasts/owners together to see what everyone has done to their cars over the winter and meet some new faces.


If anyone is interested or has any suggestions please respond on this thread or PM me and we can try to organise something.


Thanks all,


Pete :)

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Just a quick update:


- Possibility for some T-Shirts being available on the day. Looking at £5 per shirt with the money also going to Essex Air Ambulance. I'll get a demo made up in advance and post some pics for people to look at to gauge interest.

- May be a raffle for a basic service at Whifbitz (i'll be buying the parts needed and Paul will hopefully do the labour for free!!;) ). Thinking £20 per ticket.

-What would people prefer a hog roast or a BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, chicken legs etc??

- Will be some small awards for best modified, concourse condition etc.


Any other suggestions are more than welcome and please spread the word to all you know (doesn't have to be just the East as it's a doddle to get to from the M11 so people from Kent, Surrey, Norwich, Ipswich etc are all welcome to attend).


I've Pm'd Mawby to see if I can post the thread in the Overall Events area to give this some more coverage as we will be able to have a minimum of 30 and probably nearer 50 cars in attendance!!


Can I ask you to start a list with Username + no of people who will attend please I appreciate no dates are available yet so it may be tricky to confirm for certain but i'm meeting the Landlady tonight and will ask her to tell me what dates are available.


Final thing, would people generally prefer to do a Saturday or a Sunday??


Thanks all for the initial interest.




Pete :)

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To Summarise so far:


217 views and only 18 replies?! :blink: WTF?!


If someone could expand on what the reason is for such low interest when no date has been confirmed yet and the venue is VERY easy to get to from near enough anywhere in the UK for a friendly charity themed event with food, drinks and a bundle of other stuff for a £10?! :rolleyes: Sorry but that barely registers on a Supe fuel gauge!!!! ;) So hopefully it's not the money that is the issue?!


I'm struggling to organise a fun day out for us all as enthusiasts which can boost the club profile and give new people (me for one!) a chance to meet other users face to face and have a beer and a burger and hopefully make Essex Air Ambulance a bit of money as well given they get no funding from the government and are solely reliant on charitable donations to keep their helicopter(s) in the air.


I've also said from the start if anyone has any ideas or thinks something should or shouldn't be included speak up so no one can accuse me of not trying to be flexible!!


Anyways enough ranting on and a big thanks to the 13 people who have shown some interest.


They are as follows:


- owenreme

- markymark

- damanc

- supraloopy

- ouch got me

- edd t

- lee s

- sexy-jo

- robert

- mr.b

- supragold

- kopite

- whitesupratt


The landlady is very happy for us to use the pub for this and has given the full thumbs up! :D


From a couple of posts to date it seems a Sunday is best (speak up if you can't do this although majority will have to prevail as I won't be able to please everyone) and maybe in July?


How does that sound??


Any new attendees can you please paste the above list and add you name for me.


Final point, we have an overflow train station car park for non-supe/jap performance cars nearby so can accomadate families and dogs if that helps stir more interest.


Above all it'll be fun and something better to do than sit at home!!!!! ;)




Pete :)

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