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Possible Meet/Barbeque Sometime?!

Peter P

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The results are in (pending 3 who haven't replied!:search: ).


It seems the weekend of the 8th/9th has got the vote by a narrow margin at the moment with most of you ok to attend either (always a huge help so thanks for that!!:) ).


If anyone can't make it on the 9th that will be a real shame but unfortunatley with these types of event we can't please everyone! There are still a good few weeks to go until the event so maybe you can re-arrange your schedule and attend??? The aim is to raise as much for the charity as we can and this has to remain the priority.


My initial enquires regarding the rolling road have hit a brick wall in that the machine is only rated to 450BHP (at the flywheel) which really isn't man enough for the task given the big power attendees!! ;)


I will endevour to find someone elsa before the big day but can't promise anything so bear with me!!! :D


Does the idea of a dyno on-site appeal to people generally or are you not that bothered?! Reason I ask is if we can't secure a good number of attendees interested then no company will want to travel over and setup for 2 power runs which is fair enough!


I can now focus more on getting things organised as I have a fixed date to work from so watch this space!!! :eyebrows:


Thanks again all!


Pete :)

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One last thing guys and girls, I'm going to start a fresh thread to make this easier to track so please post any replies/info to the new thread not this one.


Thanks again for the initial interest all it should be a great day out!! :D





Pete :)

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Just in case some of you are still subscribed to this thread and have missed the latest details I've supplied on the new thread I mentioned, the link for the current thread is as follows:




Please check the latest information as I am trying to get some idea of numbers for most things and would prefer to get people to post on the thread rather than having to PM everyone!! :blink:


Thanks again and look forward to seeing you on the 9th July!! :D



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