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  1. My fault been sooooooooo busy I've not really done much to it :-(
  2. Well after this years event I had bad stomach and a bad back still. I'm going to have to say that I'm going to remember this years JAE with very fond memories and call it a day! I thought this was the last one so made the effort to see what I class as very good yearly friends. I'll miss you all but its an end of an era for me. :0( I hope JAE 2013 kicks arse and the buzz of this years event carries it on. It was truly EPIC!! and will always make me smile! Dave :0)
  3. A bit of stick!!!! But tbh I have not laughed so hard and for so long in years. It was a great weekend Thanks again to all who made it that way :-)
  4. As long as all moneys go to the clean Mandys feet fund ;0)
  5. Kill it with fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please ;0)
  6. You and your Mrs did a fantastic job of everything!!! As always I had a great weekend with GREAT people! Thank you;0)
  7. Adi you are a legend mate!!! You have a tardis for a supra but well done for sorting out almost everything that anyone needed ;0)
  8. Epic!!!!! Godzzzzwillllllleeeerrrrrr!!!!
  9. On my way chaps get a cold beer ready ;0)
  10. With what I have that sounds like a blockbuster movie ;0)
  11. Chloroform and a tazer this year. If it moves stun it and fuck it :-)
  12. I'm brining some weapons too ;0)
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