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  1. Still waiting for confirmation if stand going ahead. It does say plot paid for on first post so guess we have a place to pitch up if people going still.
  2. I have had a brief chat with Al Not sure if going ahead at this point we need a bit more interest from the members I’m going as have a ticket and I’m aware a few others are going. But awaiting official confirmation as to Mkiv Stand If you are going can you confirm with Al so we have an idea of numbers
  3. Trying to find out if club stand still going ahead at the moment as been no update for a while. Sent Al a pm but had no reply as yet. If going ahead you can camp and park on club stand.
  4. Any news on what’s happening this year, is club stand going ahead?
  5. Big thanks to Al for staying in there, thanks to every one that supported the club it was great to see you all again. I hope to see you all again soon.
  6. Al, Entry ticket for Thursday are you posting or emailing them?
  7. Sunday probably not a good day as people packing up and some leave early but there are activities on site still going on but it’s a chance you take I guess.
  8. Al the link for club plot not working and JAE site not show club details either. do you know our plot numbers
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