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FAQ: Oil, Fluid, Interval, Capacity, Steering, Brake, Coolant, Diff, Engine.


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Brake Fluid

Stock = Dot 4

I recommend DOT 5.1

Capacity ~1.5L's (Have 2L's ready)

DOT 4 = Motul RBF600

DOT 5.1 = Motul RBF600, Castrol SRF

Interval = Every 12months (also after any track day!)


UK spec stock is DOT 3 in the owners manual ;)


A little out of date though!

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Power Steering Fluid

Stock Dexron III ATF

I recommend you stick with Dexron III oil but all makes should be suitable


Interval = ???

To fully Flush it see here http://web.archive.org/web/20041209173121/www.reepa.com/psflush.php


One thing the instructions on the above link don't say, is how fast the fluid is pumped around the system = how quick the coke bottle is drained of new fluid. Luckily, I caught it in time :)

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Guest Theo21

Hey !

Got some Valvoline SYNPOWER 5w-40 oil for free it's ok to use it on my N\A Supe? Or should i buy something recommended on here?


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Guest N0bbie

Hi, have a 93 Jspec supra non-turbo, i have no idea what oil needs to be put in and no idea what oil the previous owners have used. please help before something awful happens and i'm no longer a proud supra owner!!

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Just out of interest, the opening thread mentions these two as options for "BPU to Big Power":


10w40 - Motul 300V Chrono, Royal Purple Racing 41

10w50 - Silkolene Pro S


If 10w40 is an option, is there any reason why SILKOLENE XTR 10W/40 is not recommended? Is it because it's semi-synthetic? The description on the Opie Oils website seems to suggest it would be okay, and it's significantly cheaper than the 10W50 Silkolene Pro S. (Less than half the price, in fact.)

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i just got a supra tt and need to change the oil soon, could you please recommend from the list below which oil to use as we dont get much of an option here.

pls suggest which oil from which manufacturer, ones in our country are


CASTROL- Magnatec

CALTEX- havoline

SHELL- helix?

car has got 35000 miles on it.

thanks in advance



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