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  1. I hardly use my supra at the moment,. Parked up for weeks on end. Took it out yesterday roof off nice day. Smoked like a tropper on start up. Clears in seconds. It's just that first fire up after been parked up. If i use the car often ie every week it don't do it at all. They are old cars now in they are Bound to puff a bit, don't bother me
  2. Yeah for sure I am, but do you think there's any point in doing the other parts ie, tensioner
  3. Toyota still sell them but are very expensive. This is on my to do list. I've got 2 both bubble in the same place
  4. Changed my cam belt along with new tensioner and idler back in 2012, car has done about about 5-6k miles. Is it worth doing it all again seen as Toyota say 60k or 5 years. It's been 6 years now
  5. I wouldn't bother, ruins the DASH parts imo, took me ages researching my epc catalogue and trips to Toyota and £££ to put mine back to stock. Mine is like BRAND new again. You had to see the state of the parts I took out that as a result of the blue conversion, hack job imo. I just bought replacement switches and fitted with brand new toyota BULBS and switch BULBS.
  6. Best treatment, don't drive it in the wet
  7. http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?343594-sequential-issue-and-going-ttc-ideas-please/page5
  8. They are right there lol. I unbolted the top part of the intake pipe to get to mine. You can change them in situ, just cut the old hards ones off and you can just get the new ones to squeeze in seen as they nice and soft. Made he'll of a difference to my car,
  9. The instrument binnicle has holders, the lights for the ac controls etc are little BULBS with built in holders
  10. Just had my renewel from sky after being with 7 years, £565! That a limit mileage policy and I'm 37 with max ncd car is garages etc etc . Not happy paying that. Compare the market got me £359 ALL in. Bye sky, do better
  11. I and have 4 dvi ports and power 3 x 24inch Dell's via my GeForce gpus. A dedicated gpu is best. Newer gpus will have hdmi
  12. just bought this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Previa-Hiace-Estima-Hilux-4Runner-Pickup-Lexus-SC300-filter-oil-set-gearbox-A340/173146190225?hash=item2850513191:g:utYAAOSweD5ZtFsS
  13. when i priced them from toyota, the autobox filter was like £90!!!
  14. auto for me. effortless drive and it gets its power down lovely.
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