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Looking to service my Supra for the first time. Its a TT6 with v160 OEM box. Its near BPU and is only driven every odd weekend as road car. What would you guys suggest?


I'm thinking these oils-

2JZ GTE non VVTI Engine oil: Millers nanotech 10w-50?

Rear Big Diff: Toyota 80W-90?

V160 Gearbox: ??


Any help would be appreciated

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I have just recieved an info from Opie Oils with their recomendations (i have TT6 BPU), here is the quote:


Thanks for the message, first of all, engine Oil:


A 10w-50 is ideal for your car and these are the ones that we stock. 




The Fuchs Pro S, Millers CFS and CFS NT+, and Red Line are top-quality oils. The Motul Abarth and Millers EE Performance are also very good oils. The Total is a more basic option, but still a decent oil. 


Diff Oil:

You need 75w-90 GL5 oil for the differential. 


The best options are the Fuchs Syn 5, Red Line 75w-90 GL5, Motul Gear 300, Millers CRX /CRX LS and Gulf Competition. Castrol Transmax Universal LL/Transmax Axle Long Life, Mobil SHC, Fuchs Sintopoid, Millers XF Premium MTF/Nanodrive EE, Total Traxium Dual 9FE, Comma MV MTF Plus and Valvoline are also good options.


Power steering is an ATF Dexron III spec Oil:



So Gearbox Oil, so with the 6-speed Getrag box actually uses an ATF fluid link below for ideal choices:




Kind Regards



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I'm surprised Opie are recommending 10W50 for the 2JZ engine when Toyota specified a 10W30 oil from new.

For the 6sp gearbox we discovered a couple of years back that Citroen have reintroduced the OE Exxon (now Mobil) gear oil for one of their vehicles, there is a sticky on this. It is believed that is not a fully synthetic product so it will have different gasket and ring seal properties to a modern synthetic oil. There is a sticky thread on the gear oil and the details about the Peugeot/Citroën ATF D 21065, code is 9730AC plus a link to where to get the oil from.

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In my old Castrol days 50 weight oils or even 60 weight oils were either for vintage engines built on massive tolerances, knackered engines that had developed massive tolerances with a bit of bearing slap or in endurance racing where engines would run at their hottest for a long time. In a good condition and normal (non endurance) usage standard engine 50 and above were seen a a drag on horsepower and giving higher than optimal back pressure on the oil pump.

Latest oils are 20 weight, in the 1990's they were 30 of 40 weight weight, in the 1950's they were 50 weight.

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