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  1. If I recall correctly, you'll still pass an MOT with the second CAT removed, but for BPU and the extra boost, you want to remove the first CAT, which would make it not street legal and you'd need to find a friendly MOT-friend, or swap out that CAT/de-cat pipe at MOT time.
  2. Probably because you all ask silly money and look to make a profit on everything instead of accepting a bit of depreciation!!
  3. Not sure. I know the dark silvers (gunmetal) show like that sometimes, but they tend to do that from day one don't they. Whites usually look white all over. Anyway, not wanting to rubbish it or anything, just commenting on the usual over-enthusiasm here in the for sale section. It's like you all get shares on other peoples sales or something
  4. Looks rough to me! I know you guys have rose tinted glasses and what not, but can't you see a really knackered (170,000 mile more like) driver's seat, and misaligned rear hatch and potentially badly repainted rear bumper?
  5. holy shit, a 42 grand used auto. Never thought i'd see the day.
  6. I just did this job on my v8 BMW - but I took the heads off and used the big C-Clamp compressors and it was easy peasy! I had to take the heads off for other reasons really (chain guides, and to drill out air-flow passages). As it happens I have the original tool that was recommended on here, somewhere.. Never did use it. Somebody else did my Supra for me years ago.
  7. It's a proprietary Toyota thing. Useful from time to time but not very exciting. You can run tests by pulsing certain pins together and stuff, and reset airbag light and what not. I did have CJ's nice box of service manuals but I think they got left at the ex GFs house. doh!
  8. I think so. I can't quite remember what I read/came across. Now that I think about it, it might have been the LS2 DBW stuff - it was either that or the BMW, and basically TPS always started at about 10% for some perfectly valid reason, and it wasn't what you first thought it was - i.e. it was the throttle butterfly position, not the throttle pedal position, or something. Pedal was down as "APP" (accelerator pedal pos) or something.
  9. If it's anything like the BMW OBD2 readouts, then the TPS% actually refers to the throttle butterfly and not the throttle pedal, and I think the minimum was something like 10% I'm sure you're right about the lambda reading. It's probably just some a vague interpretation of the lambda voltage maybe? Looks great anyway. VVTi FTW!
  10. As tDR says: BPU itself generally comprises of: walbro pump (if existing is jdm), decat, suitable restrictor, colder plugs, thor FCD. Basically just raise boost and sort the fuel pump. ECU modifications aren't normally done and it's not normal for the engines to break. I'm sure somewhere in this 10 page thread entitled "BPU (Basic Performance Upgrade)" it will explain what the general BPU practice is.
  11. but the point at which the FCD caps the voltage, is the point at which the taps are open 100%, right? So, a typical BPU car which uses an FCD, would generally be running 100% duty cycle at high rpm WOT?
  12. I vaguely remember it being observed (Ian C?) that above a set boost pressure point, which may be 15 or 17psi, the Ecu runs the injectors at 100% DC just to be on the safe side.
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