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  1. you need to pay the right value of the market and careful because it's rising !
  2. Hi What values you have in your sbc ? Any one know where to work to obtain faster throtle response ?
  3. To have a little ideia what I have done I choose the best pics of many job done into these beauty Supra
  4. done thanks yes you right i have an aerotop also my mistake more pics, a lot of hours in labor job restoration :
  5. For Sale 1994/01 Supra NA hardtop Auto 148 000 good condition uk plates ---- negociables Changed time belt, idler pulley+tensioner+water pump(water pump these was good but once the front engine to change time belt was to remove all was betther and safe change also these part) car was imported from UK runing in road to Portugal, got a new paint job, new suspension, new paint wheels, exhaust polish, some little electric attention got revised also, some minor rust treated a lot of hours in labor job interior and engine. Car location in Portugal, mot experired in 2017/10, once i don't run with t
  6. VIN – chassis number = 17 digits and JP doens have it - - - Updated - - - Already ask, second importer Toyota there is another way
  7. Maybe i didnt explain well the supra is an na auto and alredy has uk plates, but once was imported from japan in 2004 to the uk seller that sold me the car my question is how can i get Coc because spain ask that document to legalize it ?
  8. Maybe you can help me, when we buy a supra from japan to uk and I want sell it to europe they ask for COC (Certificate of conformity) to change name property, but where to get that, once the chassi number doesn't have the 17 numbers do you know how ? How to do, anyone can help me ?
  9. I was looking for the same wheels but are the secure ? they are so cheap ?
  10. order but is not that ref. unfurtunnaly
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