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Hi all,


Model: RZ-S Auto TT hardtop


Year: 1995

Facelift: No

Mileage: 107k

MOT remaining: New mot done last week. Results are below.

Service history: Part 

Car's location: Scotland, Perthshire

Bad bits: Interior isn’t mint as it has been through the 90/00 so a few small holes in the dash from a car phone. Marks on the gear selector and armrest. Seats need new side bolsters as they are shot. Marks on the door cards also. Steering wheel could do with some attention. 

Underside of the car is relatively clean. Surface rust on the rear diff and sub. Sill rails are in need of a straighten as previous owners haven’t been as careful as myself. I have uploaded some photos that I took whilst the car was in for its mot. Any other photos requested will have to wait until I’m back in the Uk. (Currently working in Switzerland)


 After owning this car for three years and carrying out a lot of work I’ve decided that this just isn’t the car for me. I had envisioned it being perfect but just haven’t gel’d with the car in the same way as I have to my MR2 (different car I know but I’m sure you understand what I mean). When carrying out all the work I have done to this car I’ve had the attitude of “do it once and do it right” so where I could get new Toyota parts I have. I’ve seen another car that I really have wanted for a long time so I’m putting the supra up for sale. In my ownership it’s had the following done and I have receipts for all the new Toyota parts I got and a few other bits.

Mileage is 106k mix of miles and km. This will go up as I will still take the car out when the weather is nice.

Still oem tt setup

New facelift front wings

New oem bumper + new fixings

New side vents

New rear crash bar as old one was corroded

New oem Toyota engine mounts

New Toyota fuel tank guard

Viper 2 way alarm system with remote start

Trd strut brace

Fluid ampr crank pulley

New oem water pump

New hks timing belt

New whifbitz coil packs

New spark plugs

New oem heater matrix

Toyota red coolant flush and refill

Auto box service (new fluid)

General service (fuel filter, oil ect)

Srd undertrays 

New rear tank guard

Uk spec front and rear callipers with grooved and drilled discs upfront (callipers rebuilt by Chris Wilson last December with his pistons, new gaskets and new pins)

Goodridge braided lines all around.

TTE wheels with diamond cut finish

Tein coilovers (have oem shocks and springs I might put back on her)

New window rubbers and door weatherstrips 

Outer respray with sills and engine bay done in the original red. Rear wiper and aerial delete.

Prefacelift plastic front lights with stainless rings and halo indicator.

Facelift rear tail lights

Led DTR lights and indicators

Confetti Recaro seats (need side bolsters done)

Inside needs some attention to get it 100% 

Looking for 24k (will swap for the right e39 M5)

I’ll try upload photos, otherwise pm me and I’ll send them through WhatsApp.































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Added a few photos of the underside and of a recent trip to Glen Coe. Don’t know why some of the photos have uploaded upside down. (see edit history)
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Lovely car! Mileage??


I paid not far off that recently for an aero that needs a lot of work so the price is very fair imo

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1 hour ago, tayr said:

Lovely car! Mileage??


I paid not far off that recently for an aero that needs a lot of work so the price is very fair imo

Thanks! I’ve added the mileage and a few other bits to the original post I forgot. Glad to hear that’s a reasonable price. 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Nice looking car mate, good luck


Thanks, I’m sure it will find the right home eventually! Oh the rear arches were properly rolled also before the respray was done. Funny the random things that you forget about.

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Bump. New photos added and sorry in advance for a few upside down ones. They aren’t uploading from my phone the right way up I’m afraid.

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Just saw your first post Kyle where you mentioned that you're looking for an E39 M5.

Your life will change when you buy that thing....I've had two and honestly, if you're a purist, you may well believe (like many) that it's the greatest car ever made. It gets under your skin and the only downside is selling it. I've not met a single person who doesn't regret selling their E39 M5. I was going to buy one recently, but a rare opportunity came about to buy a low mileage E60 touring M5, so I went for that instead (going to have it manual converted in Sept). That and the fact that I'm used to paying 8k for my E39 M5s...not near enough 20k and I can't justify it to myself.

But yeah...good luck with the sale and then the purchase. Mods: Alpha N > IAT relocate, healthy vvt system and cam position sensors, coilovers - job done.

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4 hours ago, Celicasaur said:

That and the fact that I'm used to paying 8k for my E39 M5s...not near enough 20k and I can't justify it to myself.

Fellow M5 owner here, E34 and 39. the 39 is a great car, when I sell my Supra thats what Ill buy as well. Re values its not different to Supra's, dreamers, chancers and a bit of the fact the stock is dwindling and good cars are hard to find. A sorted E39 M5 is a wonderful thing

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