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  1. Bump. New photos added and sorry in advance for a few upside down ones. They aren’t uploading from my phone the right way up I’m afraid.
  2. Thanks, I’m sure it will find the right home eventually! Oh the rear arches were properly rolled also before the respray was done. Funny the random things that you forget about.
  3. Thanks! I’ve added the mileage and a few other bits to the original post I forgot. Glad to hear that’s a reasonable price.
  4. Hi all, Model: RZ-S Auto TT hardtop https://thesupraregistry.com/registry/0031589 Year: 1995 Facelift: No Mileage: 107k MOT remaining: New mot done last week. Results are below. Service history: Part Car's location: Scotland, Perthshire Bad bits: Interior isn’t mint as it has been through the 90/00 so a few small holes in the dash from a car phone. Marks on the gear selector and armrest. Seats need new side bolsters as they are shot. Marks on the door cards also. Steering wheel could do with some attention. Underside of the car is
  5. Was onto Lee this morning and I’m just going to get everything through him as I was eyeing up the auto cooler and intercooler plate also
  6. Cheers ill tie in with him
  7. Also can be bought on toyota just incase you didnt know
  8. You can buy those from toyota still i think. Not too expensive either from what i remember
  9. Trying to locate one and the smaller fan assembly Thanks for the replies guys. Really dont want to get a carbon one..... if anyone wants a carbon one ill buy the oem one off them.
  10. Hi all, so since I bought the car it’s been missing it’s fan shroud. It’s never overheated to the best of my knowledge but since I’ve owned it I’ve never had hot air through the blower. When I bought it I hadn’t done my research and was told that the matrix was just clogged. Replaced the matrix and managed to get hot air once bled but when driven after it would go cold. Had a garage look at it last week and they said exhaust gasses were getting into the coolant so possible head gasket failure. Could this have been caused by the lack of fan shroud? I know it’s not a common thing for a hea
  11. Hi all, looking for an original fan shroud if anyone has one lying about the back of their garage? Also looking for the small fan and assembly. Cheers Kyle
  12. Looking good mate Will be following this closely to see how the bmw box is to fit! Those manual surrounds discontinued now are they?!?
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