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17 hours ago, Khan said:

Hi mate you sure I was toasted it was nice dry crispy road full traction you tried all gears 3rd 4th 5th 6th straight road and all u could see was me zooming out if I ignored your flash and carried on I would of been disappeared and in 2 runs I didn’t even need to gear it down kept it in high gear and no difference yaris made and offcourse you can’t compare that machine with light weight turbo type r 👍

Hey Man 🙂nah I don’t think anyone needs to be told that the Civic was the victor, that goes without saying, you have much more power and it was nice just getting someone who fancied a blast. I approached quite confidently but knew something was not normal when I saw that puff of smoke from the exhaust. 

it did looked like you were either torque steering a little or loosing a bit of traction on some of the pulls but you might have been lifting back off. 

Ain’t no replacement for displacement 😁

The Yaris does seem to run out of puff in stock form the higher up the range you go, but the gearing is not really designed for straight line speed. 

You’re correct though, both very different applications. 




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