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  1. The GR Yaris was on 0% from the get go for a two year deal. I think it was summer last year they announced that.
  2. Faye

    GR Yaris

    That's quite a nice little list, I've always liked the look of the I8. I'm sure there will be plenty of Yaris in a couple of years when the 0% finance deals finish up Keep and eye out for the GR corolla in the next couple of years , might be a bit more useful in size
  3. Faye

    GR Yaris

    it's been a few years that's for certain, I'll have had mine 19 years this year which feels ridiculous. I miss those meets. Maybe the little GR will ignite that kind of fun again, instead of constantly thinking I need to be careful and preserve the Supes.
  4. Faye

    GR Yaris

    Definitely, a real last of a generation for me. I'm just going to be an old woman in 30 years time with a herd of classic Toyota cars instead of cats (damn got them too....)
  5. Faye

    GR Yaris

    I'm sure the time will fly, we had our order in last March so sort of know how you feel. Is this a keeper? If so may be worth looking into some kind of underseal, the guy who did ours was surprised at the lack of protection underneath.
  6. Conversion? Edit just checked the register his original engine was down as a GE.
  7. Add a bit of facelift rarity into the mix too and the numbers are probably tiny.
  8. Faye

    GR Yaris

    Awesome, that's quite a wait!
  9. Update , now fitted into the car and the fitment is excellent. My old mats didn't even have the little securing hole and these do. The chunkier nature also suggests they'll be less flappy than my current ones. Rear fitment is more tailored too - not that they get any use but none the less look better. Going to buy a second pair with a coloured trim for the other Supe now
  10. Good initial impressions, carpet is good quality and nicely thick (went for the executive level I think it's called) The backing is the kind that looks like it won't move around too easily too. Haven't checked fitment yet but it's a positive start
  11. Faye

    GR Yaris

    The whites are very popular bet you can't wait. We're going to get ours undersealed shortly too so if you're planning on keeping it may be worth budgeting in as there is next to no corrosion protection underneath.
  12. Faye

    GR Yaris

    What spec did you go for?
  13. Decided to give these a whirl, will let you know how I get on
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