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  1. We're going, definitely with the GR Yaris and likely a Supe.
  2. 19 years this year for me, and same for Keith_C with his too.
  3. Here she is, only photo we have. N4AMM
  4. I think this one was from 2004 or 05. Was one of the South Coast runs which I'm reasonably sure Mawby organised, we had a nice stop off at Beachy Head
  5. Some of the brilliant London runs which Sham used to cajole me into attending. Oh and a small one, I found my best friend and husband through the club too. 17 years going strong
  6. Really? I might have to do some rework on the agreed value when it next comes up, I'm starting to think I've gone too low
  7. Faye

    GR Yaris

    That was awesome, thank you for sharing.
  8. I'd be interested in facelift ones
  9. Faye

    GR Yaris

    Cool, thank you I shall have a look a bit later
  10. Not even a facelift! I love my beasty but I don't even think mine with lower mileage and 4 years younger is worth that
  11. Is anyone going to this, this year? Are there any plans for a club area?
  12. It wasn't on the Supra until recently as far as I'm aware. Certainly when we ordered our GR Yaris back in March 20 it was still around 3% from what I can remember.
  13. The GR Yaris was on 0% from the get go for a two year deal. I think it was summer last year they announced that.
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