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Moo's - Widebody Aerotop Turbo Manual - Build Thread - CCW's !


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With my time being split to weekdays at university and weekends at home, i tend to spend most of my time away from the supra :(


However, i always try to find things to do at university that will progress the build without being at home :eyebrows:


So, using the template on the forum i cut two of these out in the workshop at university....




As much as i love working hands on, i did not fancy cutting the rings out by hand (Plus the laser ensures a perfect circle)




Ended up with this...




Then all glued with a strong MDF glue and i put some small screws in from the back for extra strength :)






Then i uploaded my next CAD file to the laser cutter :eyebrows:






Its my own custom jig to measure the clearance needed to clear the 8pot/6pot setup (the spacers which are different thicknesses and the oval shape) and the long thin length showing the rim widths.


Anyone want to guess who is making these wheels ? :cool:


(James you cant play :D )

95 Front Speaker Mounts Template.jpg

96 Front Speaker Mounts Lazer Cut.jpg

97 Front Speak Mounts Cut.jpg

98 Front Speaker Mounts Finished.jpg

103 Lazer Cutting Wheel Template.jpg

104 Final Wheel Template.jpg

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Is making?? or have made?


I can only guess you're making your own wheels?


Having made ;)


I wish i could make wheels !


Was it those Wide Ass wheels that James bought for the car then sold on after he bought the Green Car?


Nope. I did like them though and probably should of bought them tbh !


I was dealing with a guy called 'Jonathon' if that helps ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Looks like my first year (of 2) for my masters is over :)


That means time for updates....


While at university these arrives which i began to split as the chrome was flaking off insider on the rings, they also had a tint film on the outside






With the tint film off it was time to use the oven :p




And the flaking chrome....




Naturally, being male i was not the best at the oven part and managed to melt one lens :taped:


So if anyone has a matching pair drop me a pm :thumbs:

99 Began Splitting Headlights.jpg

100 Tint Removed.jpg

101 Split And Ready For Restoration.jpg

102 Crome Flaking Off.jpg

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Next was a trip home at the weekend to fit the speaker mounts i had made.


Although i used very strong wood glue, for a bit of strength i put a couple small screws in back of them




And in keeping with my OCD i used all new stainless steel nuts/bolts to install them :)




I also tidied up/clean the door card plastic membrane etc... But forgot to get a photo :(

105 Speaker Mounts Reinforced.jpg

106 Speaker Mounts Fitted.jpg

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Then this arrived from Keron :thumbs: (Great service as always)


Lovely set on manual clocks




With the speaker mounts fitted (still need to sort out what speaker setup i want to install) I decided to install the door cards anyway to stop them getting damaged in storage and because i wanted to see her come together :cool:


So door cards on and cleaned/polished up




Installed most of the dash panels too


It was then i noticed on the passenger side that the dash lines didn't quite line up to the door card lines (hard to see in the below photo) so after some investigation i noticed the dash was a little lose on that side




So out came the two glove boxes




It was just a lose bolt that holds the top part of the dash in, so simple fix.




And all back together, with my OCD happy again :)



107 Speedo Fitted.jpg

108 Door Cards Fitted.jpg

109 Dash Panels Fitted.jpg

110 Lining In Dash.jpg

111 Lining In Dash.jpg

112 Dash Lined In.jpg

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Then this arrived from the Ultra Racing group buy, i cant see it adding much strength or much in the way of being stiffer, but the stock brace was rusting so it had to go




And installed with new stainless steel nuts/bolts :)


(Fuel and brake lines to be installed properly once the mid section is undersealed)




More to come soon !



113 Ultra Racing Lower Brace Arrvied.jpg

115 Ultra Racing Lower Brace Fitted.jpg

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Rubbish picture, but shows the strut brace ends being sprayed the same Black 202 as the car :)


They came out very well indeed. Better picture to follow




Next came the custom subframes for the front seats...




And the two Corbeau Pro Series Bucket Seats (Standard Width not XL)




Lovely shiny black backs...






More to come soon :wave:

116 Cusco Strut Brace Painting.jpg

117 Seat Subframes Fitted.jpg

119 Corbeau Pro Series Seats.jpg

120 Corbeau Pro Series Seats.jpg

121 Corbeau Pro Series Seats.jpg

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Now the rear spoiler is back from the bodyshop and has been fitted, I installed the 3rd center brake light and fitted the interior trim...






The strut brace ends were shot-blasted and resprayed in 202 black. The center bar was wet sanded and polished. It was then all assembled and installed :)






The fuse box will be staying where it is, however the battery will be moving into the boot and fixed down in a custom battery tray.


More to come soon :wave:

122 Rear 3rd Brake Light Installed.jpg

123 Interior Cover Fitted.jpg

124 Cusco Rear Brace Fitted With 202 Black Mounts.jpg

125 Cusco Rear Brace Fitted With 202 Black Mounts.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...

Apologies for the slow progress/updates...


Next was installing the Corbeau Pro-Series Seats (Both FIA approved and in date)




Passenger Side.




Drivers Side.




And a view from the boot




More to come soon !



127 Passenger Side Seat Fitted.jpg

128 Drivers Side Seat Fitted.jpg

129 Drivers Side Seat Fitted.jpg

130 Seats From The Rear.jpg

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With the front end coming on nicely, it was time to put the front wings back on.


But not before a lick of underbody sealer to the inside (Being very careful not to scratch the paintwork)




Before and after...






And finished!


Stay tuned, wheel update coming now :taped:

132 Front Wings Undersealed.jpg

133 Front Wings Undersealed.jpg

134 Front Wings Undersealed.jpg

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