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Moo's - Widebody Aerotop Turbo Manual - Build Thread - CCW's !


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So with the rear end undersealed, custom brake and fuel lines made and fitted, BC coilovers delivered, Rear subframe restored and my brakes big kicking around - It was time to crack on :)




Rear subframe installed and torqued up to spec. (rear crash bar painted)




Rear BC suspension installed and torqued up to spec.


Rear D2 Racing 6pot 330mm rear brakes installed and torqued up to spec.








Rear brake lines not attached in the photos above, was waiting on the HEL clips to go with the HEL lines.


More to come soon :wave:

66 Rear Subframe Fitted.jpg

67 Rear BC Coilvers & D2 6pot Brakes.jpg

68 Rear BC Coilvers & D2 6pot Brakes.jpg

69 Rear BC Coilvers & D2 6pot Brakes.jpg

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Just a couple of photos of how she stands after having the rear end rebuilt :)




Spot the fuel pumps ? :eyebrows:




(With the battery disconnected and the drivers window down, the newspaper is an attempt to keep the dust out)


More to come soon !

70 Garage Tidied.jpg

71 Garage Tidied.jpg

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With the rear end coming together nicely, i decided to go to the front end :p


I cleaned/restored etc... the front wipers and alarm system. And tidied up the wiring :)






Ignore the dirty wipe mark below the window on the paint in the above photo, i wiped it with a dirty cloth. But it was cleaned off after ;)




I fitted the shudder panel for now, but didn't put all the fixings in, as it might well come off again.


More to come soon !

72 Front Wipers Reconditioned & Fitted.jpg

73 Alarm Fitted.jpg

74 Shudder Pannel Reconditioned & Fitted.jpg

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Just a small one, got the rear bumper on . . .


Oh and cleaned up the garage a little :p






The rear spoiler is at the paint shop soon to be back with me :)


More to come soon !!



75 Rear Bumper Fitted.jpg

76 Rear Bumper Fitted.jpg

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Recently university has been very demanding and time-consuming, meaning updates have been slow.


But another set(s) made :)


The interior panels and trim started to get back together




And the bonnet was offered up shortly to be followed by the front wings.




More to come soon !



77 Interior Dash & Pannels Fitted.jpg

78 Bonnet Fitted.jpg

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Yeah I need one too :( a small single garage does not cut it lol


Like I say im glad i have the space available :)






Apologies for the poor quality picture, most of these are/were taken in the cold evenings after work.


Front 8pot D2 Racing Brakes Fitted, With BC Racing Coilovers. Front end completely undersealed.




Yellow stuff pads (came with the brakes) so fitted them for now. Will see how they perform.


Wiring to be tidied up next.




View from the engine bay :)




And as she stands with my temporary bonnet arm




The boot looks so close to the garage door in the above photo, but its not, only just noticed this. Must be the angle of the picture :)


More to come sooooon !! :)

81 Front BC Coilvers & D2 8pot Brakes.jpg

82 Front BC Coilvers & D2 8pot Brakes.jpg

83 Front BC Coilvers.jpg

84 As She Stands.jpg

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Was never planning to change too much of the stock suspension tbh (only the BC coilovers) however i came across so Megan Racing Adjustable rear arms at a price i could not refuse :rolleyes:




After this i have caught the bug and now more parts are on the way :p


Stay tuned.

86 Megan Racing Adjustable Control & Traction Arms.jpg

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As previously said i caught the buying bug. Shortly after catching this terrible bug - Titan Adjustable ARB's and Polished Cusco front and rear strut braces arrived :eyebrows:


They are used, but in like new condition, so was very happy. New bushes and mounts ordered for them. And the brace ends will be resprayed in 202 black and re-polished.




I also was losing the battle with the leaves.


The stock rear spoiler also arrived back from paint. Poor photos of it though :(




More coming soon :thumbs:

87 Rear Spolier Fitted.jpg

88 Rear Spoiler Fitted.jpg

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Sorry for the slow updates, university is drawing to a close now and time is very much running out, but here goes.


With the Megan Racing rear adjustable arms and new Titan Adjustable ARB's arriving, i decided to crack on a start fitting them.




Old Vs New




And fitted






And a cheeky one of how she stands ;)




I also removed the stock ARB's but didnt get round to fitting the new Titan goodies yet :eyebrows:


More to come very soon !



90 Fitting Megan Racing Rear Arms.jpg

91 Megan Arms Old Vs New.jpg

93 Megan Racing Arms Installed.jpg

94 As She Stands.jpg

92 Megan Racing Arms Installed.jpg

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