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My '96 Supra RS-Z Facelift Twin Turbo


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Hi Guys & girls, I've been meaning to start my project thread for some time now....so here it is!!


So, current mod's list when I picked her up -


18" Innovit Alloys

Do-Luck front bumper (awesome)

Veilside SideSkirkts (not awesome)

Trial Rear Bumper and diffuser (very awesome)

Full Carbon TRD Spoiler

High level boot spoiler (Toyota JDM coolness!)

AbFlug lightweight bonnet with aerocatches

UK spec brakes

Blitz Front Mount Intercooler

Apexi Induction kit

Double De-cats with restricter ring

KakiMoto Exhaust

TRD Uprated Diff (rare cool points, but this is leaking!)

HKS Fuel Cut Defender

Greddy Profec-B Boost controller & Turbo Timer ( there is also another random boost controller in the glove box, which is still plugged in!! this is a touch concerning and I will be investigating this and whipping it out ASAP)


I think once the boost controller is configured she should be good for around 400bhp with the regular BPU upgrade mods bolted on already! Some pics below of the how the car looked after a quick clean.







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Thanks for that Josh, I have just edited the first post with the local mkiv uploaded links :) shame I missed you too as that would've been my first Supra wave (yep, how sad is that!)


Yep I have a lot of plans for her. Nothing too extreme for now, but I have some plans for the exterior/interior. not going to run any more power for 12 months or so as I think 400bhp is plenty. Although I am already being tempted by a single conversion! :)


Current plans are:-

New side skirts - will be picking up a set of replica OEM side skirts next weekend

new alloys - not quite decided yet as there as oh so many nice looking Supra's on this site!

Seats - the drivers seat is pretty knackered so I'm picking up a good set of stock seats at the weekend, will then get them re-trimmed

Dash Panels - the stereo panel had been hacked at in the previous life so I picked up a replacement. I will paint/dip the dash panels and fit some gauges etc.

Engine - gave it a really good clean a few weekends ago, pics later. I will slowly begin to dress this ready for the shows

Paint - boot lid & door handles need repainting, I will most likely get the bumpers done at the same time.



Since having the car and giving it a really good clean / detail I have noticed a few bits which need sorting. I already have a few bits on order to start tidying up the car, hopefully going in for a service next week aswell. I noticed a few small oily drops on the driveway from the rear of the car, investigation showed that the read diff seals were knackered. Not too huge of a leak but still needs doing along with a wheel bearing. the pic is upside down as I just put the camera under the car, but you can see the leak. it looks a lot worse than it is so im told :S




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To continue with my progress up to date. I tackled the engine bay recently & the first stage was just give it a really good clean & shine. I'm not sure if Aberdeen is near the beach, or the previous owner before that lived in a sand dune? But there seemed to be sand/fine dust everywhere! :search: So I worked the drivers side of the engine Saturday, then the passenger side Sunday. Like I say, this is only the first of many stages but I'm pleased with the results so far. Now this is done, I can start to plan my engine bling etc.


All I used for this was a combination of Cilit Bang, G3 compound, black exterior shine & some Autosol. Whilst I was at it I polished the radiator slam panel, I cleaned the air filter & polished the hot air deflector. I am looking into designing a metal shield which should stop a lot of warm engine air coming into contact with the induction kit. Which is always a good idea.


Hopefully I have uploaded the pictures in the right order. The first two are the drivers side, then the passenger side (Before/After)










And the finished article looked something like this......








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With the help of a friend the weekend just gone, we tackled the birds next behind the dash panels, and in the passenger footwell. I took out the stereo to fit a single DIN (in preperation for my "secret" cubby for the EBC and turbo timer). As I pulled the stereo forward I was greeted with some crazy wiring. I think a lot of it was done in Japan as there were splices everywhere and lots of connectors blocks and cable sets which looked to be fitted for units no longer in the car!


We removed as much as we could whilst leaving enough in there for the car to work at the end of it! We re-did some of stereo wiring as there were some nasty splices, off splices, off splices. There was what looked to be a small Toyota ECU in the footwell which Google informs me is a Toyota Mobile Communications System. this had some odd connectors behind the dash and was linked to the stick on aerials on the windscreen. none of this system was in use so I ripped it all out. There was also a long set of 3.5mm Jacks running from front to back, which were not connected....so they came out.


The Boost controller in the glove box was turned off by the previous owner as a Greddy Profec B unit was fitted. The old unit was wired directly into the ECU under the foot well carpet, but some of the wires looked a bit "dodgy" so we removed the unit and tidied up all the wires. At the same time we rewired the HKS Fuel Cut Defender as two of the wires were wrong. After Googling the old EBC it looks to be a very rare, and clever bit of kit. It is called a Fields Boxer Sequential controller. From my reading up it looks to allow you to control the spool up and kick in time of the second turbo, from aruond 2,800rpm up to 6,000rpm! aswell as being a regular boost controller. This sounds very clever and I am thinking I should have left this fitted. Has anyone else got one of these? Google keeps bringing me to Supra forums so I maybe someone knows about them?


The ECU with FCD and Fields Boxer wired in




The Fields Boxer Unit




The Toyota unit and general cable nest in the footwell




Splice, on a splice, on a splice, on a stereo lead....




My weight saving by the end of the day....just think how much quicker it'll be now!








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Whilst fettling on the car the other day a friend of mine dropped by and gave me a good tip for cleaning the headlights. Mine has the cloudy/milkyness to the plastics, but after a good scrub with some G3 compound followed by some Megs deep polish they came up an absolute treat!! The photos, both before & after, don't show the results that well. But I'm over the moon with them :)










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Thanks Guys, yep, you can't go wrong with a really good clean. Very satisfying if you ask me - although you do get some odd looks from the neighbours when you are there with your head in the engine all day, or cleaning the exhaust etc!


I have two questions if anyone is able to help. The first one is boost releated, I have done some searches but couldn't see anything. The weather was nice (ish) for the first time the other day so I put my foot down. My Supra has had the BPU upgrade, when I gave it the beans the first turbo was only boosting to 0.6BAR, then at 4k when the second turbo woke up she would boost to around 1.1 with small creep to 1.2. Is this normal? does the first turbo only go to 0.6?


My second questions is from the first pass at the engine the other weekend. I popped off the induction kit and pipe, and the pipes seemed to have a gritty/oily sand in there. You can't really see much from the photo but I would rub my hand along the top inner edge of the pipe and would be able to scrape out this oily sand. I'm assuming this can't be good for the car/turbos/engine. The car is going in for a service this week, should I get these pipes all whipped off and cleaned? could it be the filter causing this and letting the grit in? There is also weaping from the BOV, I again, assume this is related.



Anyone put my mind at ease? (or give me the bad news) :(


Matt :)


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As said a thin coating of oil in the IC pipes is normal, grit in there is not good, either it's got through the air filter or the 'grit' could be debris from a damaged turbo(s) impeller. Worth checking the turbos for damage, cleaning out the pipes and intercooler. I'd also fit a stock airbox and paper filter element back on.


At BPU levels the 1st turbo will normally boost to around 0.7bar, there will be a slight drop in pressure as the 2nd turbo comes on line and then it'll boost to whatever the restrictor ring allows.

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Thanks for the prompt replies guys, that has put me at ease some what.

She is due in Tuesday morning for full service, diff seals, rear bearings, so I'll get the pipes checked. I don't think its damaged turbo's as they are quite new so I'm told, the stuff im scraping out doesn't feel "metally".....but I could be wrong.


Thanks for clearing up the boost levels for me also. I was just wanting to double check as I ripped out a Fields Boxer SC-1 unit at the weekend and thought I may have done something wrong. I am tempted to re-fit that unit for cool points though as you can change how the second turbo behaves.

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Another task partially completed recently was de-spoilering. At first I really liked the spoiler, but the more I look at the TRD spoiler the more I think it looks out of place. It could be the fact that's its carbon and not body coloured, but it came off.....and I really like it. I think it helps bring focus to the top boot spoiler. For now I have whapped on some tape over the holes but I will get these welded over and the boot lid fully resprayed (I also need the around the window re done as the lacquer is lifting). I am undecided on rear wiper removal at the moment too.


Anyway, not the best pics right now, but they will give you an idea atleast.







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