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  1. Hey you tried sending friend request? You should be able to follow? Sometimes my Instagram plays up for no reason currently playing up again, annoying!
  2. I have the final updates soon guys, just been so busy follow my Facebook or Instagram for more updates! I will Update the final thread this month. Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jaspreet.bhambra.3939 Instagram: 1_oblivion_beast
  3. Awesome, one of the best shows I have been was fantastic.
  4. A few pictures I took of Jays New White Supra and Cars at SRD Tuning plus the new DYNO[emoji41].
  5. Right, some more pictures and a video of the car leaving SRD Tuning New DYNO after making 1107BHP/852 Torque . I also purchased some Pro Spec interior dials/rings/gaiters And Venom Automotive Billet pedals . These update the interior nicely making them subtle yet aggressively lovely [emoji41]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajf7TxtFLM8
  6. Thank you and snap, we can get some pictures together as your car looks awesome .
  7. Hey thank you, 100% Santapod jap show the rest I will have to take once I receive the car next month.
  8. Haha, I will add some pictures soon .
  9. Great car, great guy hope to see you more at shows .
  10. I will update the rest soon with more pictures and update .
  11. Thanks guys, 1st September as the car is going to Darren who Lee uses for professional detail and ceramic coating .
  12. Yes, worked out perfect for me as I had the chance at work to do extra overtime.
  13. Thank you, as with any project the cost is not cheap! On the positive note SRD done the invocies pay and go, so I paid everytime work was done and I was invoiced. I think this option is better that way you have more peace of mind being update on payment.
  14. Hey thank you, yes looks so amazing in person still few things left to do later for now I am very happy .
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